Jetpac's Bold Leap Into Global Markets Signals a New Era for Travel Tech

December 20, 2023 11:02 AM EST | Source: Baden Bower

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - December 20, 2023) - Jetpac, a provider of eSIM technology, announced the expansion of its services to international markets, including Europe, the UK, and the USA. The company has focused on select regions since its founding and will now extend the availability of its eSIM connectivity globally.

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Jetpac broadens its reach, bringing seamless eSIM connectivity to international markets, including the USA, Europe, and the UK. (Material from Jetpac)

Jetpac aims to provide seamless cellular connectivity to global travelers through remote SIM provisioning. Its "instant connectivity in over 50 countries with a single eSIM" offering reflects capabilities to simplify international roaming for users.

"Expanding globally allows us to bring connectivity solutions to more customers and demonstrates our commitment to innovation," said Aditya Goyal, Director of New Businesses Build at Jetpac. "We look forward to establishing our presence worldwide."

Providing beyond eSIM data services, Jetpac commits to creating a convenient travel lifestyle. This is reflected in its approach to continuously develop value-added services that respond to the evolving needs of travelers.

According to the company, Jetpac's eSIM technology prioritizes user convenience by covering multiple countries through one SIM profile. This aims to reduce the need for travelers to change eSIM settings across different locations.

Jetpac also focuses on simplifying travel data management. With its one-time eSIM download, users can enjoy lifetime convenience without switching out their eSIM during travel.

Jetpac's commitment to customer support is reflected in its 24/7 availability across various digital channels. This customer-centric service approach, emphasizing accessibility and responsiveness, is crucial in product development, ensuring solutions that resonate with traveler needs.

Moreover, the company's services are tailored for mid-term travelers, particularly those embarking on 1-2 week trips or month-long multi-destination journeys. This clear target audience is a strategic choice, catering to a specific segment that values convenience and flexibility in their travel tech needs.

Pearlyn Yeo, Head of Marketing at Jetpac, added that this expansion highlights efforts to meet travel tech needs globally. "Our goal is to enhance the international travel experience, and increased availability of our eSIM technology brings us closer towards that aim."

Furthermore, Jetpac emphasizes customer feedback and adaptation as central pillars in its service development. The company offers solutions that align closely with the needs of travelers, which distinguishes it in the travel tech industry.

Providing a comprehensive, convenient travel lifestyle is a key differentiator, offering features and services beyond standard eSIM offerings, such as complimentary lounge access during flight delays and various data packages to suit different trip requirements.

Recently, Jetpac received industry recognition through the Travel Product of the Year award at Asia Telecom Awards 2023 and Best Global Roaming Services from Tripzilla Excellence Awards.

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About Jetpac:

Jetpac specializes in eSIM technology, providing international travelers seamless connectivity across over 50 countries. The company's eSIM solution simplifies global communication, offering users a platform to efficiently manage their travel data needs. Its services aim to enhance the travel experience by ensuring reliable and convenient access to mobile networks worldwide.

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