Flight of Aloha Takes Flight Again, A Part of Lahaina's Resilience

November 27, 2023 9:26 PM EST | Source: Baden Bower

Lahaina, Hawaii--(Newsfile Corp. - November 27, 2023) - In the shadow of the 2023 Lahaina fire, Flight of Aloha emerges as a symbol of resilience and hopeful cultural preservation. Established by Native Hawaiian Ola Shaw, this unique venture redefines amusement, offering a profound journey into Hawaiian culture and traditions.

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Flight of Aloha is more than an entertainment platform; it's also a conduit for Hawaiian cultural storytelling and consciousness. Shaw's commitment to important Hawaiian issues such as water rights, land ownership, and cultural advancement stems from the impact of the historical Great Mahele.

"Naupaka," the venture's inaugural film, has received acclaim for its authentic depiction of Hawaiian heritage, an exhilarating feeling of flight, and giving the rider a sense of Hawaii even though it is playing at a flying theater 5000 miles away from home. This resonates with Shaw's dedication to genuine cultural representation.

In the wake of the Lahaina fire, Shaw is advocating for a community-driven reconstruction effort, integrating the diverse voices of Lahaina. His guiding principle, "As Ambassadors, we make them feel Aloha," underscores a profound commitment to community welfare and cultural preservation.

Recognizing the community's urgent needs, Flight of Aloha initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help support the restoration of Lahaina while considering its cultural fabric. This campaign aims to bolster local schools, housing initiatives, and cultural preservation efforts, showcasing Flight of Aloha's dedication to Lahaina's enduring legacy and future.

Shaw's vision positions Flight of Aloha as a key player in Lahaina's path to recovery, not merely as a business but as a community pillar upholding its cultural and historical roots.

For more information about Flight of Aloha, visit their official website here.

About Flight of Aloha

Founded by Ola Shaw, Flight of Aloha transcends the conventional amusement ride, offering a journey into Hawaiian culture. With authenticity and community connection at its core, the venture provides an immersive experience that celebrates Hawaii's heritage and traditions.

Contact Information

Ola Shaw, Founder
Flight of Aloha
Email: ola@flightofaloha.com
Website: https://flightofaloha.com/

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