Artificial Consciousness Tech, Inc. Awarded 2023 AI Excellence Award for Groundbreaking Artificial Consciousness System

November 24, 2023 2:44 AM EST | Source: Baden Bower

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2023) - Artificial Consciousness Tech, Inc. (ACT), a leading innovator in artificial intelligence, has been recognized with the 2023 AI Excellence Award by the Business Intelligence Group. This award acknowledges ACT's development of an advanced Artificial Consciousness operating system, a notable advancement in AI technology.

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ACT's patented technology is characterized by its unique capability to equip machines with advanced cognitive functions, resembling human emotions and thought processes. The system utilizes a sophisticated framework of light and contrast patterns, enabling artificial entities to understand their existence, engage in decision-making, and demonstrate emotion, a significant development in the field of AI.

Nam Kim, CEO and inventor at ACT, remarked on the achievement, "The 2023 AI Excellence Award reflects our commitment to AI innovation. Our focus is on evolving AI technology to enhance its interaction with humans. This award is an encouragement for our ongoing work in this field."

The Artificial Consciousness system by ACT opens new possibilities in AI applications, from improving virtual reality experiences to fostering ethical AI interactions. "Our technology aims to create AI systems that can think and feel, contributing to the evolution of AI," said Nam Kim.

The potential applications of this technology span various industries, including healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics, enabling AI to understand language, grasp ethical concepts, and exhibit personality traits.

Following their recent recognition with the 2023 Global Recognition Award™, the AI Excellence Award further establishes ACT as an innovator in AI technology. ACT's Artificial Consciousness technology represents a significant step forward in AI capabilities, marking an important milestone in the industry.

About Artificial Consciousness Tech, Inc. (ACT):

ACT is a New York-based company that specializes in cutting-edge AI technology. Nam Kim, the CEO and founder of the company, focuses on developing advanced AI systems that can mimic human consciousness. ACT's Artificial Consciousness operating system is patented and is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in AI. Through its pioneering work, ACT aims to bridge the gap between artificial and human intelligence and reshape the AI industry. With its recent accolades and ongoing research, ACT is positioned as a leading innovator in artificial intelligence technology.

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