ADFO Summit Announces Headline Sponsors; Key International Companies Pave the Way for Innovation

November 19, 2023 7:52 AM EST | Source: Stankevicius Pacific Limited

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - November 19, 2023) - As the highly anticipated ADFO Summit approaches bringing together influential families, investors, and tech trailblazers from both the local and international landscapes, the event proudly announces the headline sponsors, who stand at the forefront of wellness, longevity, AI, investment, human capital and alternate energy industries.

ADFO Summit Announces the Headline Sponsors:

Innventure: Fostering Disruptive Ventures, a specialist fund to scale businesses through ties with multi-nationals.

Quincus: Revolutionizing real time logistics using AI to fully integrate the logistics and shipping lifecycle.

Pangea Bio: AI-Driven Neurological Solutions delivering transformative medicines for neurological disorders using AI.

Hatcher+: AI-Powered Alternative Investments using advanced AI models for fund creation and management - specific focus on Greentech initiatives.

Gunning Capital: A boutique Investment Bank bridging gaps in technology and energy ventures and partnerships across US and Asia.

ViWell: Tailored Wellbeing Solutions guiding people with programs and tools for an optimally balanced life.

Carbon Growth Partners: A leading investment manager in global carbon markets, focusing on high integrity carbon assets.

Ally Power: Laying down new clean energy infrastructure for Hydrogen and electric refuelling and zero-emission solutions.

Zero Gravity Solutions: A revolution in proprietary "plant priming" solution that acts like a vaccine for plants, increasing yield and disease resistance.

More about ADFO Summit

In perfect alignment with the global discourse on climate action, ADFO Summit strategically provides a platform where industry leaders can engage in vital discussions surrounding climate challenges. The Summit aims to foster dialogue among businesses actively working on sustainable breakthrough solutions using AI.

At the heart of these discussions will be a spotlight on cutting-edge innovations, a groundbreaking electric motorbike from one of the world's largest independent manufacturers. From the realm of Hydrogen, a revolutionary approach to fueling and recharging both hydrogen and electric vehicles laying down new infrastructure to take us forward.

AI enthusiasts will be treated to a transformative revelation as explorers of a novel approach to identifying key molecules from the natural world. This breakthrough holds immense promise for the development of transformative medicines, particularly in the realm of neurological disorders.

Additionally, a visionary company will demonstrate how to unlock a plant's innate genetic potential, enhancing yield and fortifying against pathogens.

In a world characterized by relentless pace, the ADFO Summit delves into a holistic approach to Wellbeing, guiding attendees towards achieving an optimal and balanced life-an integral facet of the broader healthcare narrative.

The Summit is not just a platform for technological consideration, it is a nexus where economic uncertainty and critical global issues take center stage, as allocators of capital re-think strategies and manage risk in a world that continues to throw up new challenges.


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