The Power CFO Announces Controllership Plus Accounting

The Power CFO's Key to Financial Fitness & 2024 Tax Planning

November 08, 2023 3:08 PM EST | Source: Ascend Agency

Kansas City, Kansas--(Newsfile Corp. - November 8, 2023) - The Power CFO, the premier fractional CFO company that specializes in small to medium-sized companies, announces Controllership Plus Accounting, a revolutionary solution transforming businesses' approach to financial fitness and 2024 tax planning.

Addressing the financial health challenges of business owners, The Power CFO introduces the Controllership Plus Accounting Solution, a strategic response to the needs of its client base. Controllership Plus, a licensed CPA-led program, offers a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to understanding a business's financial history.

"The Controllership Plus Accounting Program's licensed CPAs deliver a comprehensive review of the month in process for an in-depth assessment of a business's financial narrative. Implementing recurring financial reporting, the program affordably provides timely and accurate monthly financials. It equips companies with an effective partner that makes tax and finance services a valued investment rather than an expense, commented The PowerCFO CEO Shane Glavin.

Controllership Plus performs meticulous financial check-ups to ensure the secure financial health of businesses. Experts in finance and accounting, the licensed CPAs behind Controllership Plus identify the necessary steps to help a business's bottom line and maximize company value. 

The accounting solutions and low-cost options of Controllership Plus create an opportunity for clients to gain accessible and affordable financial insight. By focusing on strategic financial planning, Controllership Plus has demonstrated an average increase in clients' profit margins by 20%.

Controllership Plus's deliberate financial planning shifts the perspective on financial management from an expense to a valuable investment toward business growth, providing business owners with the extensive financial knowledge required to elevate their company. Controllership Plus is set apart by its commitment to building partnerships with clients. Distinguished from traditional transactions, Controllership Plus aims for a prosperous, mutually beneficial relationship.

Controllership Plus is a key contributor to the brand's continued development and expansion in the CPA territory. In anticipation of the upcoming tax season, The Power CFO proactively addresses the shortage of tax preparers with the announcement of Power Tax Planning, set to commence in early 2024. Led by an established team of Ph.D. professionals, Power Tax Planning's strategic tax planning equips The Power CFO user base with top-quality services.

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About The Power CFO: The innovative platform utilizes results-oriented systems and proven processes to assist small businesses and provide comprehensive insights for companies throughout the United States. The Power CFO prioritizes increasing efficiency and profitability while reigning in costs through delivering first-rate strategies. Providing standard-setting bookkeeping, CFO services, and the release of Controllership Plus, The Power CFO is poised to provide a holistic view of individual companies, ensuring comprehensive financial success and evolving into a one-stop shop for clients.

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