Social Impact Partners Shines a Spotlight on Brain Health and Longevity with the Launch of the 'Global Brain Health and Longevity Impact Report'

October 17, 2023 4:10 PM EDT | Source: Social Impact Partners

Boston, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - October 17, 2023) - Social Impact Partners (SIP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting brain health and longevity, is taking bold steps to extend healthy brain years and deploy better solutions to reduce dementia and combat neurodegenerative diseases. SIP is rooted in the value of the power of collaboration, innovation, and engaging the younger generation to bring a tangible impact that affects every government, business, family, and person.

Today, they announce the release of their report, the 'Global Brain Health and Longevity Impact Report,' shedding light on the socio-economic impact of these pressing issues and offering strategic solutions for change and collaboration.

The increasing global impact of dementia and neurodegenerative diseases alongside the rapidly aging population creates one of the largest health and socio-economic crises the world has ever faced. Recognizing the gravity of these issues, Social Impact Partners is rallying for-profit and nonprofit leaders and the younger generations for a collective response. Summer 2023 marked the beginning of an ongoing student innovation program, the SIP Innovation Olympics, which fosters a global dialogue between industry experts and young change-makers. In 2024, Social Impact Partners will launch four seasons of the SIP Innovation Olympics in Brain Health to support and develop over 100 new areas of innovation with opportunities for integration within companies and communities.

"Cognitive neuroscience reveals that people can proactively take steps to improve their brain's health and performance, with gains linked to measurable brain changes," said Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, Chief Director of Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas. "It is imperative to incorporate brain health into the strategy and leadership of our workplaces – the context in which brains either gain or drain capacity for the majority of our adult life."

The 'Global Brain Health and Longevity Impact Report' is a resource for change that extends an invitation to every organization, employee, family, generation, and individual to join the solution. Download the report at

Sarah Hoit, Co-founder and Chairman of Social Impact Partners, said, "We are in a hopeful moment where the world is focused on brain health. The time to address these challenges in health equity, prevention, and care is now because what we do every day matters."

The report reveals the outcomes of the SIP Innovation Olympics, a competition that brought together six global student teams to develop innovative business concepts that promote brain health and longevity. The inaugural season highlighted the invaluable contributions of global executives who partnered with these student teams during the SIP Innovation Olympics. Their mentorship not only nurtured young visionaries but also sowed the seeds of change in the field of brain health and longevity.

Pietro Ferraro, SVP Global Head Strategy, Sodexo, shared, "The SIP Innovation Olympics program has provided our executive team with actionable insights that will benefit our workers, consumers, and the services we offer."

The purposeful path that Social Impact Partners is forging is not just about immediate solutions but crafting a sustainable legacy for every generation. To learn more and get involved with SIP's Global Brain Health and Longevity Initiative, visit

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About Social Impact Partners:
Social Impact Partners is a global nonprofit organization committed to creating positive change and solving the world's most pressing issues in brain health and longevity. To significantly impact the future of brain health, longevity, and smart aging, the Social Impact Partners' ethos is grounded in the fundamental tenets of fostering collaboration, igniting innovation, directing investments, and fueling workforce revitalization. Get involved at

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