#EurekaWavesOfFuture Initiative: Eureka and American Littoral Society Join Forces in an Effort for Ocean Conservation

A Rising Wave: Aligning with Climate Week NYC and World Cleanup Day to Revitalize New York's Marine Environments

September 27, 2023 4:41 AM EDT | Source: Ethe Consulting

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2023) - In the heart of the city's celebrated Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, spirited volunteers from Eureka and American Littoral Society, donned gloves and bags, giving the coastline an essential spruce-up this past weekend. This beautification crusade wasn't just another beach cleanup. As a pivotal segment of the National Cleanup Day, this event saw community members unify to clear litter from one of NYC's ecological crown jewels.

This Cleanup event, titled as #EurekaWavesOfFuture, emerged as a result of a new collaboration between Eureka, the famed cleaning appliance giant, and environmental champions, the American Littoral Society. With over seven decades safeguarding waterways, the American Littoral Society found a kindred spirit in Eureka, a stalwart in the cleaning industry, echoing a united clarion call against marine pollution.

Jamaica Bay is the jewel in the crown of New York City's ecological resources with more than 13,000 acres of water, salt marsh, meadowland, beaches, dunes, and upland buffer woodlands. The tidal salt marshes of Jamaica Bay are disappearing at an alarming rate-some estimates put it at as many as 40 acres per year. Until science isolates the cause or causes, the Littoral Society along with state and federal agencies and other environmental groups strongly advocate stricter regulations and have created focused restoration and debris removal programs. The salt marshes of Jamaica Bay are vital-providing not only invaluable wildlife habitat, but also shoreline erosion control and a protective flood barrier to the communities surrounding the bay. In addition to doing the hard work of removing debris, volunteers deepened their understanding of the local ecology, a valuable component of long-term preservation efforts.

Dipping their toes beyond home cleanup, Eureka showcased their dedication to a pristine planet. They're not just stopping at beach cleanups. Recently at IFA, Eureka unveiled its avant-garde E10S - an industry-first robotic vacuum cleaner integrating a bagless multi-cyclonic station. This innovative fusion grants homeowners not only the luxury of a floor sweeper but combines that with the power of a proper vacuum cleaner. Eureka's E10S offers an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly cleaning experience.

The underlying pulse of the #EurekaWavesOfFuture campaign resonates across digital platforms, raising environmental awareness. It's not just about cleanliness. It's a game of numbers too. The initiative prioritizes meticulous data documentation, chronicling the debris types and their abundance. This invaluable dataset is earmarked for the Ocean Conservancy, shedding light on marine pollution intricacies and shaping potent future combat strategies.

Jamaica Bay's waters, salt marshes, and uplands provide valuable migratory and breeding habitat for more than 330 species of birds and at least 107 species of fin fish, as well as a variety of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The campaign leaders stressed how enriching comprehension of ocean pollution will allow them to create even more effective strategies to combat it in the future, by learning the mechanism of how it affects these habitats and creatures, and how to best address these.

This year's National Cleanup Day danced to the theme of "Good, Clean, Fun." Beyond the hard work of litter pickup, participants were all buzzed with camaraderie, creating new friendships under the banner of green stewardship. Michael Paone, an environmental advocate participating in the cleanup event, shared, "In these tempestuous times, marked by environmental anomalies, it's crucial to find a silver lining. Today's congregation was an embodiment of collective action - a beacon of hope amidst the current challenges we face."

Looking forward Eureka hints that the #EurekaWavesOfFuture initiative is the inaugural chapter in a long commitment toward global sustainability. After the resounding success at Jamaica Bay, both Eureka and the American Littoral Society are poised with eager anticipation, charting out their next ecological intervention.

Jasmine Lewis is the Co-Chair of Worldview Global Impact (WGI), a New York-registered non-profit that is committed to promoting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and new visions of sustainability and positive social impact via forums, conferences, impact investing, training, education, art exhibitions, and other innovative initiatives.

Jasmine Lewis actively seeks organizations, institutions, and individuals around the world that are dedicated to promoting sustainability while raising young people's awareness of the SDGs, forging local youth communities and networks for the SDGs, incubating localized actions and solutions in support of the SDGs, promoting the global scale-up of best practices, and cultivating future leaders in sustainable development. Eureka has been recognized by Lewis as a major contributor to social advancement for years.

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