Personal Brand Consultancy, Sonder Establishes Office in London

April 24, 2023 8:34 AM EDT | Source: Facilius Inc.

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - April 24, 2023) - Personal brand consultancy, 'Sonder' has opened its doors in London. The company builds personal brands for CEOs, founders and business leaders around the world; as well as for senior leaders at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Sonder curates intelligent content - predominantly for but not limited to LinkedIn and Twitter - acquires new and valuable social connections, obtains speaking opportunities - writes and publishes articles about their clients and their businesses in relevant and noteworthy media outlets - and strategically grows their client's online platform.

Founder and CEO of the business is serial entrepreneur, speaker and leading marketing consultant, Ryan Hornby, stating:

"Over 50% of consumers do not trust what businesses say (Edelman Trust Barometer) - making marketing and sales more difficult than ever. This is a problem as modern behavioural science makes it abundantly clear that trust is the crucial component to ultimately making a sale. This same research has also made it clear that trust can only truly be garnered through relationships with other human beings. Successful personal brand strategy raises the profile of the humans behind the business, allowing consumers to build deeper relationships, garner trust and ultimately be compelled to take action." 

Unlike other personal branding entities, Sonder's experienced corporate professionals do not prioritise vanity metrics such as blind reach and engagement, but rather builds comprehensive personal brand strategy that ultimately generates actual results in the form of commercial opportunity for our clients and their businesses.

Once Sonder has achieved success with their clients' personal brands, Sonder is often approached to support the building, implementing and managing of their business's brand/marketing strategy.

Company Name: Sonder
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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