UKV International AG Announces Development of Whisky Storage Facility In Edinburgh

March 23, 2023 8:14 PM EDT | Source: Baden Bower

Zurich, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - March 23, 2023) - UKV International AG, a leading Swiss-based fine wine and rare whisky investment specialist, has announced the development of its state-of-the-art storage facility in Edinburgh.

Alex James, Senior Consultant of UKV International AG announced that, in line with the company's dedication to clientele and the whisky industry, UKV is collaborating with Elite Wine and Whisky and its storage division, Elite Whisky Storage, to establish a bonded facility in Edinburgh within the coming year. This development will centralize storage for cask whisky, consolidating it under a single roof within an HMRC-regulated warehouse, as opposed to the current scattered distribution across various distilleries and bonded warehouses throughout Scotland. The establishment of this facility signifies a monumental commitment by UKV and highlights the promising outlook for all stakeholders within the whisky sector. By streamlining storage, enhancing stock tracking capabilities, and offering clients the opportunity to visit the facility, this groundbreaking initiative is poised to transform the landscape of whisky storage and management.

"It has been well documented that Scottish food and drink exports have surged an incredible 30.6% in the last year alone, a record £8.1 Billion, highlighting strong increases in India and Singapore in particular," James added.

As part of the commitment to clients and the whisky industry, UKV is collaborating with the company's duty representative, Elite Wine, and Whisky, and storage division, Elite Whisky Storage, to establish a new bonded facility in Edinburgh within the year. The facility will provide UKV with its HMRC-regulated storage for cask whisky and give greater control over stock tracking.

"The development of this facility is a huge commitment and very exciting for everyone connected to UKV and indicates how fruitful the future looks for those involved in the whisky sector. The prospect of being able to consolidate storage facilities, provide greater control over stock tracking, and allow for client access should they wish to visit the facility will be an absolute game changer," said James.

The longer whisky is aged in a cask, the more refined its flavor and, consequently, its price. The price differences between 15-, 20-, and 30-year-old single malt whisky of the same brand illustrate this point. Whisky is the world's most popular alcoholic beverage and a highly coveted commodity. Older whisky stocks are in high demand and deplete rapidly after bottling, particularly as some of the world's largest consumer markets eliminate or reduce import tariffs and duties on whisky.

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UKV International AG is a Swiss-based fine wine and rare whisky investment specialist. With a dedicated team of whisky and fine wine consultants, the company offers clients a comprehensive overview of the market and valuable insights into market trends. The company's primary business is based on the acquisition, supply, and sale of single malt Scotch cask whisky, bonded fine wine, and champagne on behalf of private individuals and trade customers. UKV International AG also offers a full brokerage service for individuals looking to sell whisky or wine held in a UK-regulated bond.

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