Biotech Solutions Expands Product Line to Work Toward Bettering the Environment and Quality of Life

March 16, 2023 2:16 PM EDT | Source: Imperium Group

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - March 16, 2023) - Biotech Solutions LLC, a Los Angeles, California-based company that specializes in providing minerals and soil to boost environmental and human health, is pleased to announce the expansion of its product line with two new solutions. Founded by Yerlan Umarov in September of 2021, Biotech Solutions puts its full force into finding new and inventive ways to tackle some of the world's biggest issues - environmental and human wellness. The company is excited at the prospect of the new products bettering humanity and the world in which it lives.

"The two products are solutions we hope can help the earth and our bodies," says Umarov. The first is called Corsa. "It's a mineral-based nutritional supplement line dedicated to improving human physical performance," says Umarov. The nutrient-loaded supplement is already on the minds of many in the health and wellness community for its ability to potentially help eliminate radionuclides from the body. "Scientists are studying if Corsa can also help remove heavy metals, Strontium, and Cesium from liquids that have an acidity similar to what is found in our stomachs. This could help us eliminate harmful substances that can make us sick," claims Umarov. The company, which aims to take strides to improve health and wellness, plans to carry Corsa as a way to further this mission.

"Many years and resources have been dedicated to discovering and improving products to help fix some of the world's most prominent human physiology problems," says Umarov. Alongside its new Corsa, the company also carries other nutritional supplements and aims to take preventative healthcare approaches to detoxification and mineral supplements. These products and services are intended to benefit Biotech Solutions customers' health and wellness but the company also approaches environmental well-being with equally matched passion.

"The other product we plan to launch is a new, organic fertilizer. It requires up to fifteen percent less water," says Umarov. Biotech Solutions has been dealing in fertilizers and soil for some time. The company has a history of providing clients with soil that aims to improve the quality of farms and agricultural technologies. "Our new fertilizer is organic and was designed to work well in nature to improve soil," notes Umarov, "Even more, the Corsa mineral can act as a natural filter to clean water and clean soil."

"People around the world are dying from famine because of negative environmental impacts," holds Umarov, "Biotech Solutions would like to lead the effort to clean worldwide water supplies and soil contamination." The company believes that efforts to clean the environment go hand in hand with providing its inhabitants with natural and healthy living. "We are very excited about the new launches and hope to see a global impact on the health of others and the world."

Biotech Solutions is a health and wellness business that specializes in providing researched and developed nutritional supplements for customers and producing organic soil and fertilizer for a healthy environment. The company is excited about the launch of their two new products, Corsa and a new fertilizer. To learn more, email Yerlan Umarov at and visit the Biotech Solutions website at

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