MindMics Joins Qualcomm Voice and Music Extension Program to Bring Next Generation of Health Monitoring Enabled Through Earbuds

Cambridge, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - March 10, 2023) - MindMics, the inventor of sound-based technology™ for in-ear earphones and hearables, today announced that it has joined the Qualcomm® Voice and Music Extension Program. From March 2023, MindMics will enable its in-ear infrasonic hemodynography technology™ on the Qualcomm® S5 Sound Platform (QCC5171) and the Qualcomm® QCC5141 platform. This will be the first solution in the Extension program that can accelerate the commercialization of health monitoring. MindMics is excited to establish new collaborations with industry leaders to enable MindMics analytics leveraging its technology. This will open a new path to create innovative products that go beyond traditional biometric monitoring and provide valuable insights into health well-being, and performance markets.

The clinical validation published in Nature Digital Medicine (link) shows that MindMics' infrasonic hemodynography technology™ can deliver Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with accuracy of 99% compared to an ECG. Its biometric monitoring capabilities overcome issues related to first-generation light-based PPG technology used in wearables today. It overcomes the need for a battery-draining sensor as it can collect data using embedded feedback microphones for ANC. This also overcomes the issues of skin tone, sweat, body mass, and skin thickness can have on data pick-up and accuracy as it passively measures internal body sounds from the central parts of the cardiovascular system.

"This collaboration brings us one step closer to achieving our vision of delivering real-time and accurate monitoring - a GPS of heart health and well-being - enabled through everyday earbuds to the world. Having MindMics enabled on earbuds can allow individuals to take control of their health outcomes. Previously this level of health detail was only possible with medical devices like ECGs.," said Anna Barnacka, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of MindMics. "We are proud to partner with Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. to integrate this cutting-edge technology and accelerate our partners' access to new markets, improved products, and the ability to keep on top of trends in a variety of fields, including gaming, employee care, well-being, health and performance, and more."

"MindMics is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers," said Adi Weber, Vice President of Partnerships at MindMics. "Our next generation infrasonic sound-based system can be integrated into earbuds using a feedback microphone typically used just for ANC, without the need for a PPG light-based sensor. It's a ground breaking technology that can help reduce costs and significantly enhance the value of a partner's product and customer experience."

MindMics technology is validated by leading clinical institutions and incubated with trusted organizations and featured in leading clinical and business publications such as Nature Digital Medicine and Forbes.

About MindMics

MindMics is an emerging wearable technology company revolutionizing the way we monitor the inner workings of our bodies, health, performance and well-being. Enabled through in-ear TWS earbuds, MindMics introduces a brand new science, infrasonic hemodynography™, that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional PPG wearable light-based technology, to detect biometrics at a sub-heart rate fidelity with clinical accuracy. This capability opens up game-changing opportunities to provide tangential health information to improve consumer experience across exciting markets, including mindfulness, fitness, gaming, employee care, VR metaverse worlds, and more. www.mindmics.com.

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Source: MindMics, Inc.
Adi Weber, VP of Partnerships

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