Adamant Holding Announces New Strategy for Europronet Utilizing Its Datacenters for the Artificial Intelligence Sector

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - February 27, 2023) - Adamant Holding Inc. (CSE: ADMT) (FSE: U060) (OTC Pink: UCCPF) ("ADMT" or the "Company") has announced it will be entering the Artificial Intelligence space (AI) utilizing its European datacenters. Europronet d.o.o. will be focusing on leveraging its datacenters and look at creating partnerships with major AI companies to assist them on their computing power.

Europronet's Datacenters can help increase the productivity and reliability of an AI system. Some ways our datacenters can improve the performance of an AI system include:

  • Providing sufficient computing resources: each datacenter can provide access to large amounts of computing power, such as high-performance GPUs, which are essential for training large AI models.
  • Ensuring high availability: Datacenters are designed to be highly available and reliable, which is crucial for AI systems that need to be always available and responsive.
  • Providing appropriate storage: Datacenters can provide large-scale storage solutions, such as network-attached storage (NAS) or storage area networks (SAN), that are necessary to store large amounts of data used by AI systems.
  • Facilitating data management: Datacenters can provide tools and systems for managing and processing large amounts of data, such as data warehousing and data processing platforms, which can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of AI systems.
  • Supporting collaboration: Datacenters can provide collaboration and sharing tools, such as shared file systems and virtual workspaces, that can facilitate collaboration and sharing of data and models among AI teams.

Europronet's datacenter will be connecting to an existing AI node by:

  • Plan the network: Determine the network requirements for the AI node and the datacenter, including the bandwidth and latency requirements, and plan the network topology accordingly.
  • Integrate with existing systems: Integrate the AI node and the datacenter with existing systems, such as data warehousing or collaboration tools, to maximize their potential.

Europronet further will look for good partners to run AI.

There are several multi-billion-dollar companies that can would utilize our datacenters for their artificial intelligence systems, including:

  • AI hardware vendors: AI hardware vendors, such as NVIDIA and AMD, can provide specialized hardware for running AI workloads in a datacenter. They offer a range of GPUs, Tensor processing units (TPUs), and other hardware specifically designed for AI applications.
  • AI software vendors: AI software vendors, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, can provide AI software and frameworks for developing and running AI models in a datacenter.

Following the implementation of an AI node Europronet will adopt it in the Telecom Business.

An AI system running a telecom business can bring several benefits, including:

  • Improved customer experience: AI systems can be used to automate customer service tasks, such as handling customer inquiries, resolving technical issues, and providing personalized recommendations. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and reduced wait times.
  • Increased operational efficiency: AI systems can be used to automate a variety of operational tasks, such as network monitoring, predictive maintenance, and fraud detection. This can help reduce costs, improve resource utilization, and increase the overall efficiency of the business.
  • Better decision making: AI systems can provide real-time insights and recommendations based on large amounts of data. This can help decision makers make more informed and accurate decisions about critical business issues, such as network planning, marketing strategies, and resource allocation.
  • Personalized marketing: AI systems can be used to personalize marketing campaigns and offers based on individual customer preferences and behaviors. This can lead to higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and improved profitability.
  • Improved network performance: AI systems can be used to optimize network performance, such as predicting and preventing network outages, reducing network congestion, and improving network reliability.

These benefits can lead to increased competitiveness, improved profitability, and enhanced customer satisfaction for a telecom business.

"With the recent acquisition of Europronet, we plan to utilize the company's infrastructure to bring major Artificial Intelligence companies into the Balkan markets. Our datacenters will be used to assist these AI companies in further expanding their presence to Balkan's countries without the need of sourcing, developing, and building their datacenters. Our datacenters will seamless integrate as we would be the bridge connection, using our servers and databases," commented Andrea Pagani, CEO of Adamant Holding Inc.

Andrea Pagani, Adamant CEO
Telephone: +39 334 661 8604


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About Europronet d.o.o.

Europronet is a fully licensed Telecom, and a leading Internet service provider (ISP) founded in 2000 offering a variety of services including: Internet access for private and business users; Datacenter Solution with two main locations in the center of Sarajevo, a variety of Wireless Solution and Telecommunications services; web services with development and placement of web presentations; online marketing, business solutions based on information technologies; and technical support.

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