Shopic to Deploy 2000 Smart Carts in Partnership with Israel's Leading Supermarket Chain

February 21, 2023 9:00 AM EST | Source: InboundJunction Ltd.

Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - February 21, 2023) - Today, smart grocery cart provider Shopic has announced a full-scale rollout of its solution in Shufersal stores across Israel. Shufersal, Israel's leading supermarket chain, is moving quickly to deploy Shopic smart cart clip-on devices, committing to roll out at least 2000 units across 30 stores by the end of March 2023.

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The planned increase in Shopic carts marks a milestone for the global smart cart industry, with no other provider having reported full commercial-scale deployments to date. "Shufersal's rapid ramp-up helps place Shopic at the head of the field for smart cart solutions," said Raz Golan, Shopic's CEO and co-founder. "This is a deployment of unprecedented scale, and it validates our vision for the future of frictionless grocery shopping experiences."

Shopic offers a clip-on device that is compatible with standard existing fleets of grocery carts, removing the need for grocers to invest heavily in upgrading store network infrastructure and making the system quick and easy to deploy.

The Shopic device uses artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of computer vision algorithms, which can identify every item placed in the cart. Shopic's system detects when an item is added or removed from the cart with 99.4% accuracy.

The Shopic screen displays a real time tally of products and prices so shoppers can keep track of purchases, and enables frictionless self-service payment and checkout, fully synced with store loyalty programs. The interface can be used to ask customer service representatives for help navigating the store. It also operates as a screen for retail media, surfacing personalized sales promotions of related products and other sponsored content.

From the grocer's perspective, data collected anonymously from Shopic's smart carts helps to optimize inventory, store layouts and staffing, while identifying new trends in consumer preferences. It also strengthens customer relationships by reducing shopping experience friction and differentiating from competitors.

Shufersal stores that have piloted Shopic-enabled smart carts to date have reported that 12 to 15% of their revenue was processed by Shopic's solution. When using Shopic, customers' basket sizes were 78% larger than average, and monthly spending by these shoppers rose by 8%.

Consumers likewise enjoyed accelerated checkout times, which took less than one minute when using Shopic's smart carts, compared to 3.5 minutes when using self-checkout lanes and 9 minutes when using cashier lanes. Shopic has also enjoyed strong positive feedback from shoppers, consistently scoring an average of 85-95% in customer satisfaction scores.

"Shopic provides a superior technological solution that delivers all the benefits of online shopping to physical stores in a personalized, effective and fully transparent manner – without the need to wait in the checkout line," said Ori Watermann, CEO of Shufersal. "The artificial intelligence powering the technology enables us to constantly improve the shopping experience of our customers based on their purchase habits."

The announcement of Shopic's expanded Shufersal deployment comes after a year of significant growth for the company, during which it raised $35 million of venture capital investments in a Series B funding round led by Shufersal and other investors, doubled its workforce to 80 employees, and saw new pilot deployments in major supermarket chains in North and South America.

About Shopic

Shopic provides smart cart and store digitalization solutions to the world's leading grocers, bringing the advantages of online commerce to their physical stores. The company's computer vision-based clip-on device turns any regular shopping cart into a smart cart. It delivers a smooth shopping experience, instant on-cart checkout, just-in-time personalized promotions, and analytical insights from the retail floor. Founded in 2015, Shopic is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit

About Shufersal

Shufersal is the largest retail food chain in Israel with 395 branches and 16,600 employees. In addition to its supermarkets, the Shufersal Group operates the digital wallet PayBox, the pharma chain Be, the convenience store chain Dan-Deal, the B2B brand Shufersal Business, and Shufersal Real Estate, a property reclamation arm. For more information, visit

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