Simplifying Calculation Launches New Personal Financial Statement and NetWorth Calculator for a Comprehensive Financial Snapshot

February 05, 2023 8:47 PM EST | Source: NewWay Software

San Jose, California--(Newsfile Corp. - February 5, 2023) - Simplifying Calculation, a startup based in Silicon Valley, has announced the release of its new software PFS/NetWorth Calculator (BETA). The software is designed to provide users with a complete dynamic snapshot of their financial standing, enabling them to list all of their assets and liabilities, calculate their net worth, and save this information for future reference.

A Personal Financial Statement (PFS) is a summarized document that outlines an individual's net worth. It lists assets, liabilities, income sources, expenses, and other relevant information about the individual's finances. This document can be used by lenders or investors to assess the creditworthiness or risk levels associated with lending money or investing in the individual's business.

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Knowing one's net worth is the primary reason for preparing a Personal Financial Statement. It refers to the total value of all assets such as cash and investments minus any liabilities such as outstanding loans or credit card debt. Understanding net worth gives visibility into the amount of money available for investment and provides key insights into personal financial health.

Having an up-to-date PFS can assist in securing loans or other forms of financing from lenders. Banks and lenders require this information as most loans tend to require personal guarantees. An accurate PFS provides the necessary visibility for lenders to make an informed decision about offering financing for personal or business growth and expansion purposes.

A net worth calculator is an online tool used to track and calculate an individual's total assets minus their total liabilities. To get the most out of this tool, it's important to input accurate information about all assets and liabilities. The calculator generates an accurate calculation of both total assets and liabilities, and provides insight into potential areas for improvement or growth in financial management.

For more information on PFS/NetWorth Calculator from Simplifying Calculation, please visit Net Worth Calculator.

The startup is also building other softwares in Small Business Lending such as SBA 7a vs 504, Commercial Mortgage, Business Term Loan, Business Equipment etc.

These softwares can be previewed at Business Lending.

Simplifying Calculation aims to help simplify the calculation process that is a part of any financial transaction, be it for personal finance, small business, or investments.

The company's goal is to power finance through simplicity.

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