Zida LLC Recently Launched The Zida Control Sock to Help People Fight Against Incontinence

January 11, 2023 8:59 PM EST | Source: Baden Bower

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 11, 2023) - Zida has recently launched "The Zida Control Sock" to help individuals suffering from overactive bladder and incontinence reduce their symptoms. The Zida Control Sock is an FDA-cleared neuromodulation device that uses transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation to treat overactive bladder and incontinence.

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"People suffering from incontinence are embarrassed and ashamed about their need to constantly run to the bathroom or inability to get a good night's sleep. It causes patients to stop going out with friends and family and disconnect from social activities," says Isaac Oppenheim, CEO of Zida Therapeutics.

"Our product is a neuromodulation wearable device designed to give users freedom and confidence in managing their bladder health. Neuromodulation is not a drug and has been clinically proven to treat incontinence and overactive bladder without side effects," adds Oppenheim.

Clinical studies have shown that the Zida Control Sock reduces incontinence episodes by 70%. Patients wear the Control Sock once a week for only 30 minutes a week. Snaps are used to secure and turn on the device to the sock, treatment is performed once a week for thirty minutes.

With its superior comfort, control, and non-invasiveness, The Zida Control Sock is an innovative device revolutionizing how the overactive bladder is treated and improving the quality of life of those with the condition.

Oppenheim shares, "patients are finding it much simpler to treat OAB with effective neuromodulation therapy at home rather than making a dozen visits to the doctor's office."

"Our Zida Control Sock System combined with the Zidafy platform, an app currently in development, will exponentially increase the number of patients able to get to 100% improvements in their symptoms. Our mission is to bring the OAB market into the 21st century," he adds.

About The Zida Control Sock:

The ZIDA Control Unit and ZIDA Control Sock system were produced by the ZIDA team, a skilled and agile group of people who have worked together to design and manufacture wearable products for various clients. The previous products have all received FDA and CE approval. The ZIDA team has a proven track record of design, production, and marketing and experience in sales and customer service for healthcare products in the United States.

Contact Details:

Name: Isaac Oppenheim
Email: info@livezida.com

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