ESG-Leader Carbon Blanc Signs Agreement with CrowdPoint

Carbon Blanc and CrowdPoint have established an agreement granting Carbon Blanc access to CrowdPoint's Chief Scientist and Vogon decentralized cloud services to create Power-as-a-Security assets.

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2022) - Carbon Blanc signed a strategic partnership with CrowdPoint Technologies to launch a cleantech energy initiative using CrowdPoint's Intelligent Microgrid Management System on the Vogon decentralized cloud.

The partnership with CrowdPoint will optimize and aggregate residential microgrids, thereby increasing the availability of renewable energy in the global energy market. Through the CrowdPoint ecosystem, Carbon Blanc will transform these additional energy supplies into unique digital securities. This convergence of clean tech and fintech provides the market with financial instruments that both accelerate sustainable initiatives and provide a steady supply of energy at a predictable price.

With its proprietary management system, Carbon Blanc offers consumers new ways to access and benefit from clean tech tools and services. Carbon Blanc embeds financial services to provide digital banking products, including checking and savings accounts, cards and payments, and perks to incentivize eco-friendly consumer habits. Its rewards network, designed to foster a stronger clean energy community, is already in place.

"Carbon Blanc is known in the fintech industry for its commitment to sustainable technology, renewable energy, and ESG-focused financial services," said Dr. Wolf Kohn, Chief Scientist of CrowdPoint Technologies. "Their team recognized that the current smart grid technology lacks intelligent, predictive control capabilities. Our team at CrowdPoint designed an exciting microgrid system that aggregates power and presents an opportunity to trade power-related financial instruments in the retail markets."

With CrowdPoint's technology, Carbon Blanc will pioneer the ability to finance solar panels, microgrid systems, and create digital green bonds for residential customers. By partnering with other banks, clearinghouses, and alternative trading systems, it matches orders for buyers and sellers to trade Power-as-a-Security™ . Its goal with CrowdPoint is to aggregate microgrid homes to negotiate power rates with utilities and pass those savings onto its customers and depositors. Combined, these services offer a multifaceted approach to reducing carbon emissions.

About Carbon Blanc

Carbon Blanc accelerates sustainable initiatives through forward-thinking fintech solutions. By providing financial services and climate-friendly technologies, Carbon Blanc aims to be a positive force on society. With Carbon Blanc's Impact^2™, customers can effortlessly leverage clean tech and banking to amplify their impact.

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About CrowdPoint

CrowdPoint Technologies is a digital platform that provides enterprise-class identity management, distributed e-commerce marketplaces, and digital capital solutions for consumers and businesses of all sizes. CrowdPoint has built a best-in-class decentralized cryptographic cloud architecture that is powered by its transformative Vogon technology. The CrowdPoint ecosystem's ability to generate collective intelligence potentially helps to drive commercial and capital markets.

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