Robert Donaldson's Exposé on Lost Leadership Opportunities and Group Collaboration in His Book: 'Collaborative Power Grab'

A Step-by-Step Guide on The Lost Art Of CollaborationTM for Today's Leadership to Ensure Constant Growth While Attracting and Keeping Your Best Talent.

October 06, 2022 11:00 AM EDT | Source: Hyland Media

San Ramon, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 6, 2022) - Leadership expert Robert M. Donaldson has announced the release of his new book titled: "Collaborative Power Grab - A Step-by-Step Guide for Every Leader on How to Invite, Attract and Cultivate Collaborative Power." Presales start today and the book will be formally published on November 1st, 2022.

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Collaborative Power Grab by Robert M. Donaldson

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Robert is a change expert with a 40-year career that reflects his expertise as a thought leader. He has now compiled his valuable insights that will advance any organization to high levels of collaboration, regardless of its state of deterioration.

"Grabbing Collaborative Power is a lost art that involves sharing control and maximizing expertise while increasing job satisfaction and significantly lowering the need for direct supervision all at the same time," said Bob while introducing his book. He further explained, "In this modern human-to-human empowerment system, the book will help leadership in any industry gain collaborative power within the group, while lowering fear and building skills that together act as the glue to hold the group together through any challenge."

Bob went on to stress, "I'm often asked with a sense of disbelief of how this could simply apply to any industry and my only response to that is: humans are humans wherever you go. Aside from organic problems or severe damage, what you might not know is nearly all 7.7 billion human brains on the planet operate and respond the same exact way to the positive and negative environments that the human experiences."

Furthermore he noted, "Listen, any leader will benefit from this approach, however, front-line supervisors and middle managers that are caught in the day-after-day grinder sandwich with pressure simultaneously coming at them from the top and bottom, are going to be the ones that get the most relief from what they learn in this book."

Bob went on to add, "However, if you are a Senior Leader who has problems landing on your desk that shouldn't be there coming up from the underperforming team below you, then training the entire leadership team below you with these step-by-step actions would be a game changer for you as well."

According to Mr. Donaldson, "Hands down, the best way to maximize your performance is to maximize everyone's performance. That's right, and yes that might sound unworkable so give me a chance to explain: by helping your team maximize their performance and helping your boss and your boss's boss maximize their chances of success as well you suddenly become one of the most valuable and powerful human assets in the group. Imagine that! … It's all in there…That's the definition of an inspiring leader."

He then spoke to what he feels is his bottom line message: "I've been told by some that they see my approach as a universal workplace leadership life skills training program on steroids. All the testimonials in this book were well earned over the decades. These are the people that were watching me as I successfully developed this approach in my first 20 years and then successfully used these techniques over my next 20 years, sharing and training these insights with my direct reports and closest partners along the way. This is exactly what the book discusses and assists you in as you assertively channelize collaborative power, and I tell you how to do exactly that, step-by-step."

Lastly, Bob noted that he is producing an online membership coaching course that will be launched sometime in November and is referenced on the back cover of the book. It's a nine month course, with 32 4-minute presentations, each with a downloadable guide. Membership includes live weekly members-only group coaching webinars where Bob is able to answer questions and give guidance based on the request of the members. The course also has Bob answering questions through his members-only blog.

The book is ready to be pre-ordered starting today on and will be officially released on November 1st. You can pre-order the book at :

"Collaborative Power Grab" provides a practical and actionable approach to collaborating, so grab a copy now and forevermore advance your leadership skills.

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