AmpliFi Announces Major Update Following Ethereum Merge

Zug, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - September 11, 2022) - AmpliFi (#AMPLIFI), led by co-founder Christopher Silk and Jordan Tappan, announces it's leveraging the Ethereum switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake and monetizing it. The first of its kind "decentralized crypto annuity" uses trade fees and platform fees to accrue Ethereum Validators, aiming to ultimately become the largest validator across all major blockchains.

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#AMPLIFI isn’t like other cryptos on the market today. According to Tappan, failed “passive income” projects used “ponzinomics” (pyramid schemes) to hoodwink holders into buying more tokens, generating revenue for the projects’ developers, and leaving holders hanging out to dry when the house of cards came crumbling down. AmpliFi, though, is different. Tappan, who goes by @chief_alch on Twitter, calls this the “Node Mountain,” referencing previous “node” cryptocurrencies that were designed to fail from the start.

The AmpliFi structure, however, tries to be completely different. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum miners, who are about to lose out on their passive income streams when Ethereum “merges” from using mining rigs (sophisticated purpose-built computers that solve complex equations) to validators, which relies on something called “proof of stake” and use far less electricity while helping the Ethereum network become more scalable as it grows.

AmpliFi’s mission is:

1) Run validators.

2) Use trade fees and platform fees to increase aggregated yield.

3) distribute that yield to holders with an “Amplifier” through a series of dividend trackers.

Amplifiers are AmpliFi’s non-technical solution to the $ETH merge, allowing individuals to join a “Fuse Pool” to earn $ETH and collect up to 3 streams of $ETH yield per Amplifier. By tying earnings through an external yield-bearing asset (e.g. Ethereum), AmpliFi’s native token (#AMPLIFI) is intrinsically valuable and almost forms an entirely new type of asset class – one dedicated towards monetizing the largest smart contract network’s modernization efforts.

AmpliFi seeks to cut back on token acquisition and sell fees over the coming years, with the ultimate intent of relegating fees to the platform’s backend as they scale up their protocol, adding in new DeFi features to create what could one day become a massive DeFi ecosystem.

 #AMPLIFI can be bought with a credit card through their Dapp (“Dapp” or decentralized application is a specialized Web3 platform).

About AmpliFi

AmpliFi is a decentralized annuity that seeks to offer perpetual yield to holders through $ETH validator dividends alongside shared protocol revenue and trade fees which underpin the value of the native token, #AMPLIFI. The protocol operates a unique deflationary mechanism that eliminates supply while multiple decay algorithms temper and control sell pressure.

Media Contact

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Address: Zug, Switzerland
Contact: Christopher Silk
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