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  • WayKen Helps Electrolytic Tanks of New Energy Vehicles to Market Quickly

    Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - March 22, 2023) - WayKen, one of the leading on-demand manufacturing and rapid prototyping companies, has announced a new partnership with New Energy Vehicles to deliver high-quality electrolytic tanks for hydrogen fuel cell cars. This partnership will bring together WayKen's expertise in precision machining and New Energy Vehicles' cutting-edge technology in the field of hydrogen fuel cells to rapidly produce high-quality electrolytic tanks.

    2023-03-22 3:15 AM EDT
  • Property Advocacy Firm, Henderson Advocacy, Announces over 700% Increase in Business Volume Within 2 Years from Commencement

    New South Wales, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - January 9, 2023) - Australia-based property advocacy firm, Henderson Advocacy, grows by more than 700% in business volume since the beginning of its journey in 2021 and becomes one of the fastest growing such businesses in Australia.Image 1To view an enhanced version of Image 1, please visit:

    2023-01-09 5:28 AM EST
  • Vezbi Announces the Launch of its Super App

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 9, 2023) - Vezbi is launching America's first super app in the world, also called Vezbi. The company introduces a community-focused approach as an 'everything' app built on the foundational values of accountability and transparency, with zero data selling or algorithms 'telling' you what to do or watch. Vezbi is a supportive space designed with people in mind for community building and harnessing the positive aspects of the internet.

    2023-01-09 4:26 AM EST
  • Yah'ki Awakened LLC Announces 'Health and Liberation Tour' Across Several States in the US

    Atlanta, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 26, 2022) - Yah'ki Awakened LLC has announced the 'Health and Liberation Tour' which is planned to stop in several cities throughout the year. Nearly 70% of all sales of Yah'ki Awakened products are made in the cities included on the proposed tour.LogoTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please v

    2022-12-26 4:36 AM EST
  • Helix Gym Announces Plans For The Upcoming Year

    Perth, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 20, 2022) - Helix Gym announced that the improvement of service, outcomes, community, and facility for all members are the facility's top priorities for 2023. Led by Tim Frey, an Australian strength and conditioning coach, the team is striving to improve by 1% in everything they do, which would add up to a better overall product for their clients.Tim Frey

    2022-12-20 6:51 AM EST
  • Start-Up Quantum AI Releases Annual Report of $200 Million

    Canterbury, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2022) - Quantum AI entered the market early this year and solved given problems straight from the start. It has recently released its annual report of $200 Million. Figure 1To view an enhanced version of Figure 1, please visit:htt

    2022-12-07 1:48 PM EST
  • Helix Gym Prepares to Launch a New Fitness Method to Shape Up Regular People

    Perth, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2022) - Australia's top training facility, Helix Gym (led by Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tim Frey), is preparing to launch their new fitness approach, The Helix Method 2.0. The training program will be aimed at helping individuals across the globe, not just in their gym, get into the best shape of their lives - physically, mentally, and spiritually. This training program will help people take back control of their choices by dedicating energy, effort,...

    2022-12-07 5:01 AM EST
  • The Daro Team's Andy Rotondaro Takes Oath As Miami's North Bay Village Commissioner

    Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2022) - The Daro Team is delighted to share the news that Andy Rotondaro, the principal realtor, has been named Miami's North Bay Village Commissioner. Andy has taken the oath of office as the commissioner and the oath ceremony was held on November 21, 2022. Andy will now officially commence the 4-year term in the office and the first regular meeting as the Commissioner is scheduled for December.

    2022-12-06 2:41 PM EST
  • Happy Paws Launches THC-Free CBD Pet Products

    Orlando, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 26, 2022) - Happy Paws has launched a premier line of hemp-derived THC-free CBD pet products that enables dogs and cats to enjoy the benefits of CBD. The company has an innovative process that infuses all the good properties of CBD oil into a range of products that includes three unique Tinctures (Daily, Calming, and Hip & Joint). Happy Paws is the ideal way to deliver naturally-sourced CBD to pets.One of the major reasons pet...

    2022-11-26 11:18 AM EST
  • Pzaz TV Reaches 50,000 Films from 260 Collaborating Partners

    London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - November 5, 2022) - Pzaz TV has amassed a catalogue of 50,000 films provided by a fast-growing community of 260 independent partners within 18 months of their 2021 launch.Vincent Weberink, the CEO and visionary behind Pzaz TV, founded the company in 2021 with the mission to matchmake independent TV makers with people searching for television they can emotionally and culturally identify with. He had this to say - "Television reflects our values and who we...

    2022-11-05 3:17 PM EDT