Hemp, Inc. Discusses New High-Potency Line of CBD/CBG/CBN Products and Upcoming CBDA/CBGA Products with The Stock Day Podcast

July 08, 2022 9:15 AM EDT | Source: Stock Day Media

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - July 8, 2022) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Hemp, Inc. (OTC Pink: HEMP) ("the Company"), a publicly traded company that was founded in 2008. Chief Visionary Consultant, founder and former CEO of the Company, Bruce Perlowin, joined Stock Day host Sever Copley.

Copley began the interview by commenting on Perlowin's current position as the Company's Chief Visionary Consultant, and asked if he works as a consultant with additional companies. "Yes," shared Perlowin. "I actually consult with a whole variety of companies," he said. "I have been a part the cannabis industry for 55 years, including Hemp specifically for the last 15 years," said Perlowin. "We were the first hemp publicly traded company."

Copley then asked about Hemp, Inc.'s new line of high-potency CBD, CBG and CBN products. "The industry began with 100mg per bottle, then we went to 250-500mg, and then 1,000mg," explained Perlowin. "We have come out now with a very high-potency product with a therapeutic dose," he said. "Our high-potency CBD/CBG is 7,500mg of CBD and 2,500mg of CBG," shared Perlowin. "For sleep, we have a CBD/CBG/CBN high-potency combination product available in capsules and tinctures."

"We have also come out with a coffee enhancer," continued Perlowin, adding that the product is also available in a 2 week supply so people can test it before purchasing the standard 30 day supply. "Lastly, we are coming out with a CBDA/CBGA in about the next 7-10 days," he added, noting that new research has indicated that these compounds block coronavirus spikes from attaching to live cells (at least in a Petri dish). "They are currently doing animal studies, and human trials will be next."

"We do something that nobody in the industry does, that we know of," said Perlowin. "We add a carbohydrate called beta-cyclodextrin because cannabinoids are oil soluble and will bond to that particular carbohydrate, which provides massive and rapid uptake."

"In addition to your own products, does Hemp, Inc. produce white label products for other companies?", asked Copley. "Yes, we are a contract manufacturer," explained Perlowin. "Our manufacturing is out of Las Vegas," he added. "If we can't supply a massive order, we contract it out," said Perlowin. "We will custom label for anybody out there."

To hear Bruce Perlowin's entire interview, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/8117167-hemp-inc-discusses-new-high-potency-line-of-cbd-cbg-cbn-products-and-upcoming-cbda-cbga-product.

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The Company will continue to keep its shareholders up to date on all pertinent material events, product releases, production plans, and inventory availability. 

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