RMRK Announces the Beta Availability of the Rust and EVM Versions of Its NFT 2.0 Legos

Zug, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - June 21, 2022) - RMRK has launched the beta availability of the RUST and EVM versions of its NFT 2.0 legos, elementary building blocks for the next generation of NFT technology. 

These NFT legos can be combined in many different ways for specific purposes like playing games and creating music. Currently, NFTs are essentially static images.

With RMRK, an NFT can own another NFT and equip this NFT to create a nested NFT that can have multiple outputs. NFTs can have accessories that can function as standalone NFTs in their own right. With the use of nested NFTs, it would be possible to populate music stems with music, remix movies and create mixed media. As a default functionality, each nested NFT can own another RMRK NFT. Thanks to the use of nested NFTs, NFTs can be much more than digital assets that collect dust.

RMRK's NFTs are also multi-resource NFTs. So, it would be possible for an eBook to be embedded with multiple resources, like an audio file and a PDF file. It is possible to send emotions to an NFT just like on social media, and this can further enhance its market value by drawing more reactions. Artists and developers can use the conditional rendering feature to change the output based on different conditions.

For example, a depiction of the Mona Lisa can be one with a smile or one without a smile, depending on whether it has got 100 likes. Thus, the NFTs can change with regard to their visual appearance based on the other NFTs that they own.

In contrast to traditional ERC 721 NFTs, the RMRK NFTs can evolve over time and own and equip other NFTs. RMRK is working on the integration of NFTs with smart contracts so that they can be tokenized as DAOs.

RMRK is registered on CoinMarketCap and has already been added to Multichain's list of bridgeable currencies. It is available for trading on the various decentralized exchanges in the sushi swap and Ethereum ecosystem. On May 17, the RMRK token received sufficiency on the statement common good chain. This now makes it possible to make payments in RMRK rather than Kusama's native token, Kusama (KSM).

The founder of RMRK, Bruno Skvorc, a Web 3 alumnus and blockchain developer, said, "We are seeking to unlock the unlimited potential that NFTs can offer. Once RMRK NFTs are implemented, it would be possible to take any nested NFT from one environment to another on any other blockchain. The vast potential of cross-chain, cross-collection, and cross-environment NFTs that go far beyond static images. We are working with multiple partners to implement RMRK NFTs across different ecosystems so that different markets can communicate easily. Eventually, we will replace ERC 721 and ERC 1155 standards. We have finally left behind the static nature of NFTs. The value of an NFT will now grow over time as it grows and evolves with the system and new collections join the ecosystem."

Media Contact:
Name: Bruno Skvorc
Email: hello@rmrk.app

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