KaraStar 2.0 unveils a new journey from "Play to Earn" to "Play & Earn"

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - May 11, 2022) -  KaraStar, a Play & Earn Metaverse game on GameFi 2.0-based ecosystem, announced that their project came to the trading platform on KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange with over 8 million users around the world.

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It is marvelous cooperation between KaraStar and KuCoin, which have high expectations in several places. It can be seen that words such as world premiere, extreme program, and great project are used for this listing activity on KuCoin's official website, which highly evaluates this extraordinary project. It is widely known that Forbes named KuCoin as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021.

According to CoinMarketCap, KuCoin is the 6th largest crypto exchange with over 60 billion daily transaction volume. And it is a very pleasant surprise that KARA, the token from KaraStar, also listed and tracked on CMC before this cooperation.

Crypto wallet provider Metamask reported that a sizable 20% of its 10 million active monthly users came from the Philippines alone, prompting Brain Lu, partner at Headline Asia and Infinity Ventures Crypto, to make a bold prediction:

"The biggest driver for crypto over the next few years is not going to be DeFi, it's not going to be opening up centralized exchanges. It's going to be GameFi."

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The Highlight of KaraStar 2.0

The project of KaraStar then emerges as the time requires under the effect of interest chain constructed by GameFi 2.0, Play & Earn, healthier economic model, complete game ecosystem and abundant capital support.

Game-Fi 2.0

In order to retain players, teams need to focus on features and playability in a way that traditional games can truly provide enjoyment and community for the game itself, not just revenue. This is how GameFi1.0 is evolving to 2.0.

Play & Earn

Different from the traditional game, the strategy of kara skill cards and the lineup can make more players get higher rewards in PVP and Land mode while experiencing the fun of the game.

Complete game ecosystem

The core of the Land mode is the mechanism of mutual plunder. Players can plunder the benefits of other players through their powerful karas in the land, which can promote the interaction and ecology of the whole game, enable more players to improve their karas' ability.

Healthier economic model

Investors at different levels can have a strong interest chain. 

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Closing Thoughts

KaraStar and KuCoin were founded on a vision of a more equitable financial system - the people who are building, investing, and benefiting from this system should be representative and inclusive of all. As writers at TechCrunch ask, "Why re-build hierarchies of exclusion in this new era?"

Metaverse, gamefi 2.0 and play & earn, are all about democratizing financial systems as we know them through and through, not just in the technology and structure, but in the makeup of their users and community as well. Countless studies have found that greater diversity leads to stronger outcomes and better problem-solving. KaraStar and KuCoin are helping fulfill that vision.

Big Names of Strategic Investments

KaraStar announced that the fund for its investment project with IDG, Kucoin, and circle is now in place. The fund is dedicated to improving product experiences for users and providing long-term, sustainable services. Meanwhile, KaraStar will continue to explore the creation of a gamefi2.0-based user ecosystem, and develop more new products.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously.

KaraStar (KARA) Official Website:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/karastargamefi
Telegram : https://t.me/KaraStar_Gamefi
Medium: https://medium.com/@karastargamefi

Kucoin Official Website: https://kucoin.com

Media Contact Details
Contact Person Name: Romeo
Company Name: KaraStar
Email: Romeo@karastar.com
URL: https://www.karastar.com/home

Country: Singapore

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