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  • ENGYIN Raised Funds From Touker Suleyman In Latest Funding Round

    London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - January 27, 2023) - ENGYIN has secured an investment from none other than Touker Suleyman, a well-known and highly respected entrepreneur and investor. ENGYIN is the first-ever solution that has achieved a high recovery percentage of abandoned baskets at an average of 10%. This innovative technology is a potential game-changer for online retailers looking to boost sales by reducing e-commerce basket abandonment rate. "This investment will help ENGYIN, to further develop and expand the company's e-commerce...

    2023-01-27 2:54 PM EST
  • iSwiss Introduces Two Billion Euro Securitization Open to Everyone

    Lugano, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - January 27, 2023) - iSwiss Bank, one of the largest players in the securitization sector and winner of several international awards, including this year's iSuccess Forbes 2022 in Monte Carlo for the most innovative company in the sector, has introduced a two billion euro securitization open to anyone. The transaction is managed by iSwiss Bank, through its own Italian special purpose vehicle, registered with the Bank of Italy.This is a new opportunity for emerging traders to...

    2023-01-27 2:54 PM EST
  • Migom Bank Seeks Partnerships to Drive Innovation in Neobanking

    Vienna, Austria--(Newsfile Corp. - January 27, 2023) - Migom Bank Ltd., announced that it is seeking new partnerships with European banks to drive innovation in neobanking, digital finance, and fast cross-border payments. Migom aims to bridge the gaps in global banking by building a network of financial institutions and affiliated businesses to provide seamless integration of traditional regulated banking with innovative fintech solutions. The bank offers a full range of services to both companies and individuals and positions itself as...

    2023-01-27 2:53 PM EST
  • Rota International Holding Group Announces Merger of Rota Capital and Capital Finance Limited

    Wan Chai, Hong Kong--(Newsfile Corp. - January 24, 2023) - Rota International Holding Group is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Rota Capital, has recently completed a merger with Capital Finance Limited. The merger will expand Rota Capital's brokerage services and increase the share capital of Capital Finance Limited to 20 million euros.Sebastian Celea

    2023-01-24 5:13 AM EST
  • Uzbek Superapp Humans Achieved Revenue of $35 Million in 2022

    Humans has revealed its summary report for 2022 - the group's revenue has increased by almost 40%, and the ecosystem's turnover exceeded $156.7 million. The superapp has grown according to all key indicators, and in some areas, it saw threefold and even fivefold growth compared to 2021.Tashkent, Uzbekistan--(Newsfile Corp. - January 23, 2023) - The Humans Group has shared its growth figures on the Uzbek market - in 2022, the group's earnings in dollar terms amounted to $34.9 million, 38%...

    2023-01-23 4:32 PM EST
  • iSwiss, in Collaboration with Super Finance SPV, Secures a License from the Central Bank of Italy to Raise Capital Through Securitizing Natural Resources

    Lugano, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - January 19, 2023) - iSwiss Deposit SA proudly announces that it has secured a gold mine through collaborating with licensed company Super Finance SPV from the Central Bank of Italy to raise capital through the innovative securitization of natural resources. iSwiss Bank will partner with Super Finance SPV and serve as the legal team and procedures servicer for this groundbreaking approach.The license allows iSwiss and Super Finance SPV to pool natural resources such as oil...

    2023-01-19 2:14 PM EST
  • BOSagora(BOA) launches the official MainNet, 'Agora'

    Seoul, South Korea--(Newsfile Corp. - January 19, 2023) - The BOSagora Foundation (President: In-hwan Kim) announced the launch of 'Agora', its own official mainnet.Agora MainNet is a decentralized and self-evolving public blockchain network based on smart contracts and the Congress Network, a decision-making system within the blockchain.The Congress Network, a decentralized group decision-making organization composed of the DAO, proposes and decides on public budget funding support that is the differentiated core element of the Agora network, including technical details....

    2023-01-19 2:11 PM EST
  • iSwiss Group Expands Services with Launch of iSwiss Insurance LLC - Plans to Expand to 27 Countries by 2023

    Lugano, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - January 17, 2023) - iSwiss Insurance LLC, a subsidiary of the iSwiss group, has officially launched with a capital of $100 million. The company aims to provide insurance services in addition to payment and credit services to those excluded from the traditional banking system, also known as the underbanking population.The company currently providses insurance services in a few countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, but plans to expand to 27 different countries by 2023. The...

    2023-01-17 2:31 PM EST