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  • Live2Dance Announces Expansion of the Dance Community on Its First Anniversary

    Seattle, Washington--(Newsfile Corp. - October 1, 2022) - Seattle-based Bollywood dance studio, Live2Dance, has emerged as an exclusive dancing studio in the Pacific Northwest and unveiled the first anniversary of its post-pandemic new studio. In recent progress, the studio has announced to expand its dancing community by accepting new students for their classes and workshops. They also have an opportunity to perform in an annual 90-minute dance drama every year.

    2022-10-01 12:59 PM EDT
  • Monos Raises $30 Million

    Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2022) -, a Vancouver-based travel and lifestyle brand, has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round led by Venn Growth Partners, with participation from Strand Equity and Michele Romanow. The round was oversubscribed with nearly $40 million in investor demand, as investors bet on the company's 4x growth forecast in 2022, following a 4x growth in 2021.Co-founded in 2018 by Victor Tam, Hubert Chan, and Daniel Shin, Monos is...

    2022-09-30 1:39 PM EDT
  • Supermind Platforms, Inc Acquires and Closes Pre-Seed Financing

    Dover, Delaware--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2022) - Supermind Platforms, Inc has raised an undisclosed amount in its pre-seed financing round from angel and institutional investors to build trusted digital access points to psychedelic assisted therapy and mental wellness on its leading domains including and

    2022-09-30 1:52 AM EDT
  • EquiFund Counters Fed's Rate Increase by Lowering 30-Year Mortgage Rates by 1.00%

    Jacksonville, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2022) - EquiFund originates, underwrites, closes, and funds its clients' loans being a full-service multi-lender digital mortgage marketplace for several National mortgage lenders. In the recent expansion, the company has announced that all its 30-year mortgage rates had been lowered by 1.00% to assist the forgotten consumer, and it is done effective immediately.

    2022-09-30 1:52 AM EDT
  • OmniaVerse Launches Apex Blockchain with Zero Gas Fees

    Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 28, 2022) - In the recent development, OmniaVerse released its Apex blockchain solution on September 11, 2022. OmniaVerse is integrating web3 technology with the gaming, art, and collectibles industries through its unique ecosystem. Recognizing the need for enhanced security, performance, and reliability over existing blockchains, OmniaVerse saw value in building their own custom blockchain to run their ecosystem. It gives them better control over aspects that matter to them, like scalability and security. Their...

    2022-09-28 7:45 PM EDT
  • Solid Raises $63 Million To Revolutionize Embedded Finance

    Buffalo, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2022) - Solid, an embedded fintech platform, has raised $63 million in Series B funding to expand its product offerings and aggressively expand into new verticals. The round was led by FTV Capital, with Headline as an existing investor also participating.With the influx of funds, Solid plans to bring its potential solutions to new markets such as travel, logistics, construction, healthcare, education, and the gig economy. Previously, the firm raised $5.7 million in...

    2022-09-27 1:43 PM EDT
  • Not So Dark Raises $80 Million to Help Restaurants Thrive in Post-Pandemic World

    Paris, France--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2022) - Not So Dark, a Parisian food tech startup, raised $80 million in Series B funding to help restaurants thrive in the post-pandemic world. The round was led by Kharis Capital and Verlinvest, with additional participation from Conviviality Ventures. To date, Not So Dark has raised $105 million.Compared to the average Series B in Europe of $47.3 million, this is a significantly large raise, which reflects both the current opportunity in the market...

    2022-09-27 1:42 PM EDT
  • FMS Markets Reports New Developments After Restructuring Trading Strategy

    Berlin, Germany--(Newsfile Corp. - September 26, 2022) - FMS Markets, also known as FMS Commercial Brokers LLC, is a brokerage and wealth management firm. In the recent development, the company has reported a 20% profit increase after restructuring in early January.FMS MarketsTo view an enhanced versi

    2022-09-26 8:48 AM EDT