Makamer Holdings Expands Hemp Manufacturing Capabilities to Accelerate the Production of Hemp-Based Plastics to Meet Global Demand for Sustainable Materials

Partnership expands Makamer Holdings' hemp-based bioplastic manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with the company's sales projections. The partnership with Global Properties Management allows for greater manufacturing scalability that translates into lower costs and greater efficiency for the company and its customers. Increased product production and pilot study are forecasted to begin July 2022.

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 10, 2022) - Makamer Holdings, Inc ("Makamer"), a leading bioplastic technologies company that specializes in the development of hemp-based polymers, announced today the strategic partnership with Global Properties Management ("GPM") that will increase the manufacturing capabilities of the company's hemp-based bioplastics products. The partnership allows both companies the ability to keep pace with customers' growing demand for sustainable consumer package products.

Makamer's IP-protected products incorporate hemp-based polymers into the company's single-use plastic bags, straws, cups, and utensils. Makamer's IP-protected products also incorporate hemp-based polymers into multilayer film packaging such as potato chip bags, toothpaste packaging, deli packaging and a variety of materials that require high barrier properties. The company's mission is to continue its efforts to combat plastic pollution and advocate for better solutions with respect to current state of the art food packaging materials.

Makamer has developed a proprietary modification of hemp that enables the fibers to be more resistant to heat and humidity, while increasing its compatibility with a variety of different bio-based raw materials. The plastics and resin manufacturing market size is over $700 Billion and growing annually. Makamer is committed to revolutionizing the plastics industry with its bio-optimized technologies to keep thermoplastics out of landfills and oceans.

"This partnership will guarantee our supply chain for the next two years," says Alex Mond, Chief Executive Officer, Makamer Holdings. "Our association with GPM has us scaling at a pace that meets current and future demands. Makamer will continue searching for partnerships to further deepen our hemp-bioplastics development."

GPM's licensing of patented hemp processing technology uses proprietary NRD mills and allows the company the ability to micronize crushed hemp into particles less than 50 microns. This technology lowers production costs to a level that competes with non-eco friendly petroleum-based plastics and other paper products produced from wood fibers.

"GPM is positioned to be an integral part of the seed-to-sale process in the paper, plastic, and hempcrete industries. Our company has secured contracts to fund and grow more than 50,000 acres each year to create a true closed-loop environment for production," says Tony Harper, Director of GPM. "This partnership with Makamer Holdings expands the global need for biodegradable and green alternatives to replace the traditional materials polluting the planet and causing global warming through vast carbon footprints."

Although GPM is focused on the paper, cardboard, hempcrete, and plastics industries the company is anticipating using its patented technology in additional industries like housing, Lithium-Ion battery recycling, cell phone recycling, fiberglass recycling, plastics recycling, mining applications, graphene/bio chard production, and landfill applications as examples other anticipation verticals going into 2023 and beyond.

Together the two companies look to expand their hemp manufacturing capabilities together throughout 2022 and beyond.

About Makamer Holdings:

Makamer Holdings, Inc. is a leading bioplastics technologies company headquartered in Los Angeles, California that specializes in the development of hemp-based polymers that are fully composable within 4 months and leave no trace toxins or microplastics behind. Makamer's proprietary hemp-based resin was developed in order to provide alternatives to current non-compostable food packaging materials on the market. Makamers resin can be utilized to produce a wide range of products that would replace polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene cups, rPET water bottles and many other products.

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