Makamer, Inc.

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  • Makamer Holdings Expands Hemp Manufacturing Capabilities to Accelerate the Production of Hemp-Based Plastics to Meet Global Demand for Sustainable Materials

    Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 10, 2022) - Makamer Holdings, Inc ("Makamer"), a leading bioplastic technologies company that specializes in the development of hemp-based polymers, announced today the strategic partnership with Global Properties Management ("GPM") that will increase the manufacturing capabilities of the company's hemp-based bioplastics products. The partnership allows both companies the ability to keep pace with customers' growing demand for sustainable consumer package products. Makamer's IP-protected products incorporate hemp-based polymers into the company's single-use plastic bags, straws,...

    2022-05-10 8:55 AM EDT
  • Makamer, Inc. Is Awarded Six-Figure Grant to Keep Thermoplastics Out of Landfills and the Environment

    Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 27, 2021) - Makamer, a leading bioplastic technologies company specializing in creating bioplastic polymers that reintegrate fully back into the earth leaving no trace of toxins or microplastics behind, announced today that the company received a six-figure grant from Mitacs through their sister company, Oligomaster. This program will be administered and supervised by Dr. Roozbeh Mafi, Chief Scientist at Makamer and Professor Dr. Li Xi of McMaster University. The Mitacs grant will f

    2021-10-27 5:05 AM EDT