Fame MMA Developing a Diverse Ecosystem for Tokenization of Their Real-World Business

Polska, Poland--(Newsfile Corp. - May 7, 2022) - Fame MMA's plans to tokenize are accelerating as they unveil a detailed analysis of how they will adopt blockchain technology to expand their business and incorporate their own token.

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Fame MMA is the biggest freak fight organisation in the world that hosts mixed martial arts events for celebrities, superstars and famous professional athletes to fight each other. Founded in 2018, Fame has run 13 large events to date, with the upcoming Fame 14 taking place on May 14 in Kraków. They have established a massive fan base and viewership, boasting millions of followers across social platforms and currently holding the second-highest PPV record in the world.

Fame is tokenizing to create a more engaging relationship with their community, through the issuance of their own Fame token, and expanding their business model on a global scale using a franchise system. This will offer them access to top sponsors around the world and enable them to take their brand to the next level with the support of their launch partner Tenset.

The Fame token will be used to power the entire ecosystem with all services and transactions flowing through their native token. The token will be connected to all aspects of the business and have strong utilities and use cases in many areas such as Pay-Per-View, franchising, gaming, marketing and sponsors, fighter salaries, merchandise, NFTs, staking and more.

A payment system is being developed that will automatically convert purchases of their PPV made with fiat currencies, directly into the Fame token. This will allow the fame token to bring volume and onboard many new users who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies or know how to purchase a token.

As an organisation with a strong brand and reach, Fame is able to provide a huge range of marketing media and activities for partners and potential sponsorships. All such agreements will be paid in the native Fame token.

Fame's ambitions to expand globally will focus on implementing a franchise mechanism. This will allow the Fame MMA business model to be adopted by partners in other countries. Strategic partners will make an investment in the Fame token and be able to carry the Fame brand and run events, further strengthening the token and global reach.

The utility of the Fame token will not stop there. Further use cases are under development to create demand for the token in areas such as NFTs with unique artwork and perks related to their events and fighters, a gaming platform with a play to earn structure for fans, and a dedicated staking platform for long term investors.

All eyes are now turned to Fame MMA's upcoming presale of their token on April 25, exclusively on the Tenset Gem Launch Platform. The tokenization of their already successful real-world business will be attracting the attention of other popular brands that may follow suit in the future.

Piotr Lipski

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