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Atlanta, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - April 25, 2022) - OKLG presents an ecosystem that is all set to change the token’s class perception and the way it operates, a profitable break from the conventional setup to something more intrusive and interesting. With the portfolio of dApps, OKLG is centered around real-world settings, that enable the investors to have a real-world feel all through their trading journey. Only recently it announced the release of a new service, Alpha as a Service (Aaas), tailored to only holders of the $OKLG token. 

AaaS will also protect investors from possible scams by creating a faux buy or sell order to check for the malicious of smart contracts. It has created an equitable environment for investors to grow their portfolios and for new projects to scale. To be a part of Aaas,a person should be a holder of the $OKLG tokens, and a portfolio containing at least 30M $OKLG tokens. Holders must hold 30 million in OKLG tokens for accessing the service.

What makes the OKLG different is the use of “Reverse Meme Theory” just like the recent meme market. The OKLG created the products of utility and then added memes later, resulting in memes with substance and value. 

OKLG is a comprehensive utility-driven DeFi with the offering of a simple feature-rich platform with a do-it-yourself option. It also included plug-and-play solutions for resolving complex issues in the crypto space, with the combination of epic meme and culture elements.

The OKLG platform was formed as part of a mega ecosystem with Moontography. The mega-ecosystem functions in two parts. The moontography arm provides utilitarian models, cross-chain compatibility, and decentralized app (dApps) for the ecosystem. Moontography is built to lower the barrier of entry and incentivize the creation of new blockchain projects.

Token owners can also utilize the facility of Airdrops. It is a cheap and easy way to airdrop tokens to the community. 

Concurrently, the OKLG platform provides the much-needed hype and support by tapping into the traction of the crypto meme community to publicize the offerings of the mega ecosystem of which it is part. The ecosystem has achieved a few feats because of the seamless interaction between both arms and the community-focused framework.

While reflections and native crypto rewards attracted new investors and made the earlier ones loyal, the treasury committee and its community have made relentless efforts to preach the OKLG gospel through targeted marketing. The continuous development of the ecosystem’s use cases and the release of new dApps has also been integral to making the most for investors and the crypto community. 

OKLG is a utility-driven platform that aims to leverage the impressions of memes and culture for mainstream adoption of Moontography’s suite of dAPPs. The objective is to reduce the entry barrier for crypto projects. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, KuCoin Community Chain, and Polygon networks and boasts around $ 400 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) in smart contracts. The team has had considerable success in the B2B SaaS Space by solving real-world issues, which is actualized by developing the technology for more value and ease of use, a culture so profoundly reflected in the theme of ok.let’s.go.

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