Introducing K5, the Crypto Wallet of the Future

April 01, 2022 9:07 PM EDT | Source: MediaR3

Cape Town, South Africa--(Newsfile Corp. - April 1, 2022) - Android Open Beta Release - Klever #K5 is the result of the community's incredible efforts to build the best native crypto wallet in the world. All of Klever technology has been rebuilt from scratch to provide superior security and an enjoyable user experience.

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KleverOS, the revolutionary Klever crypto wallet operating system that powers K5, ushers in a new era of crypto wallets.

Today, crypto and mobile phones have become integral parts of daily lives. Nowadays, mobile phones are not just used for making calls, but also for a variety of other tasks. The introduction of mobile apps has made gaming, ordering food, banking, shopping for products on platforms such as Google and Amazon, booking tickets for various activities such as travel, and watching movies much easier.

Surveys have also shown that mobile phone usage is growing over time. As a result, mobile apps are being developed in many genres, including cryptocurrency. Many crypto companies, after evaluating the widespread use of mobile devices and the use of mobile apps in the industry, have attempted to develop quality mobile applications.

However, very few succeed in developing quality, klever crypto mobile applications.

Klever has documented and analyzed the crypto wallet, and finance application market throughout the years, and K5, the newest version of Klever Wallet, includes the latest technology, blockchain advances, and user experiences. Klever's ecosystem will continue growing as new crypto users adopt their high-quality crypto wallet.

Klever understands the importance of a high-quality crypto wallet, which is why they did not compromise performance in their latest Klever mobile crypto release.

As part of the transition from Klever 4 to K5, their team conceptualized the initial changes for months. During that stage of development, the Klever community and team had many ideas and concepts, so they applied all those insights in order to determine their capabilities and how to design technology that would stand the test of time.

Klever has spent years perfecting and making sure that each and every new version of their crypto wallet meets quality requirements, and at each stage of the development process it is checked against a set of rigorous and advanced checklists.

While creating the new Klever Crypto Wallet, the following aspects were non-negotiable:

  • Enhance the user experience by creating quick and streamlined flows.
  • Make sure their new crypto wallet doesn't crash on devices.
  • Keep lower spec devices from freezing by reducing device hardware necessities.
  • Enhancing speed, accessibility to KleverChain, and transaction turnaround times.
  • Reducing high battery consumption for a smoother experience across all stores.
  • Improving future development, technical advancements, and partnerships.
  • Build a framework for in-app rewards based on usage and activities.
  • Increase privacy, security, and seamless integration for Klever Hardware Wallet.
  • And so much more. (To be released in the coming months)

Throughout the development process of Klever Wallet, all errors and defects were monitored, tested, and corrected systematically. The commitment to quality assurance throughout the product development phase enabled the team to deliver a product that meets the needs of their Klever customers.

Klever Wallet is everything one needs in a crypto wallet. Join 3,000,000+ users today and securely and anonymously store coins, tokens, and cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), Klever (KLV), and other top crypto assets.

90% of Klever users have created their first Bitcoin wallet using Klever Wallet.

The K5 architecture will allow for many new features that were unattainable in the Klever Wallet 4 architecture. That's why they developed a native code solution that will accelerate the inclusion of new coins and ensure even more robust functionality.

Available in current Open Beta Android Release:

  • Token Filter
  • Tron & BNB sub token integrations
  • Polygon, Doge, Dash, and DGB integrations

K5 includes the following features:

  • On the main page, one will find shortcuts to the main wallet features, and soon the user will be able to follow the price of their favorite coins, market news, and partner services.
  • With Portfolios fully independent from wallets, the users will be able to track their development through a chart.
  • It may seem complex, but the Seed Validation Process solves a big problem for people who are not familiar with English and might write down a word with the wrong spelling.
  • Added to the Balance Screen is more data-driven information, and the structure has been organized and simplified.

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Klever K5 App Look & Feel

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Klever K5 App Look & Feel

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Klever wallet has evolved into the latest and most powerful crypto feature-packed user experience. It is available in 30+ languages and having been downloaded by over 3 million users worldwide, caters to a global audience of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency owners.


K5 is built on proprietary tech called Klever OS, which completely protects the user's private keys and makes sensitive data available only on the user's specific device using the latest state-of-the-art encryption technology.

This means the user truly owns and controls their Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum, and other crypto tokens. No third party, including the Klever team, can access the private keys or restrict any transaction the user decides to make.


In addition to being direct, safe, and secure, transactions of coins and tokens are instantly recorded on the blockchain. Speed is of the essence and with KleverOS, transacting using Klever Wallet, becomes a breeze.


Klever Wallet allows the users to exchange Klever (KLV), Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), and many other crypto assets, and trade their tokens in a simple, fast, and convenient manner at a low cost using Klever's own native Swap technology. Klever Wallet supports p2p Bitcoin (BTC) using Native SegWit technology, which means coins are being transferred faster and more securely.


With Klever Wallet, one can securely invest and buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or EFT using a range of built-in payment providers. As a start, Klever 5 has been integrated with Simplex and MoonPay, and another three payment methods will be added in the coming weeks.

Simplex was Klever's first payment gateway partner. With Simplex, customers have the ability to buy cryptocurrencies, like KLV using their Simplex bank accounts or via the normal debit and credit card payment methods.

Klever is excited to announce that MoonPay is now live in K5, providing a fiat on-ramp directly on the global exchange platform. To celebrate this partnership, users will receive zero fees on all MoonPay purchases for the first week of the public launch.


As a part of K5, premium partners are integrated directly into Klever Wallet, allowing seamless access to their services.

K5 launches with the addition of Unstoppable Domains. Unstoppable Domains is exactly that, unstoppable. It enables the user to securely register their NFT digital identity, and make use of their new universal username across apps and websites, website URLs, wallet addresses, and much more! No Renewal Fees, No Minting Fees, No Gas Fees ever. will follow suit in the next release.

K5 in time will allow to search for accommodations and book flights and vacations using KLV and other digital currencies without leaving non-custodial wallet.

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Future Wallet Partner Integrations

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Future Wallet Partner Integrations

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K5 allows the largest selection of decentralized applications on the blockchain, including NFTs, games, entertainment, decentralized finance, and other p2p applications.

With Klever Wallets' built-in secure Web Browser (available on Android, iOS, and Huawei devices), users can explore dapps, decentralized services, and blockchain-based products with a click of a button.


In general, there are no bots to support and assist with the crypto wallet issues. Klever has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7, 365 days a year in different languages, handling each case in a personal and swift manner.


User Private Key is securely stored on the user's mobile phone. It is never sent to anyone else. Klever Wallet employees do not have access to the user Private Key. As always, it is recommended to never share the 12-word seed phrase with anyone. It is advised to keep the 12-word seed in a safe place where it can be appropriately recovered.

Klever cannot recover funds if the user's private key is compromised.


Join Klever's 3.5 million-strong community and learn about the crypto industry from crypto traders around the world.

Klever offers communities in a variety of languages so one can reach out any time, anywhere.


Official Website:

Help Center:

By downloading K5 from stores, one can participate with 3,000,000 other users in their open beta program. In time, K5 will solidify its place as a powerful and successful successor to the current Klever 4 wallet.

Notice: iOS version will be released in the coming weeks once Apple approves it.

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