Argo Living Soils Corp. Provides Corporate Update

March 17, 2022 9:30 AM EDT | Source: Argo Living Soils Corp.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 17, 2022) - Argo Living Soils Corp. (CSE: ARGO) (OTC Pink: ARLSF) ("Argo" or the "Company") is entering into three separate side-by-side trials with their fungal dominant Vermicastings.

The purpose of the trials is to provide Argo with data in regard to growing results when compared to existing fertilizers. Data collected to date indicates that Argo Vermicasting will generate premium outputs related to both quality of product as well as increased outputs.

Global Fertilizer Supply Chain Challenges
The current conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has created uncertainty regarding fertilizer supply chains. Russia is a major exporter of fertilizer, and economic sanctions are taking their products out of the market, sending fertilizer prices skyrocketing as farmers are getting ready to plant their fields. Sanctions against Russia have led to skyrocketing prices for several different kinds of fertilizers critical to growing crops.

Argo believes it is more essential than ever to have multiple and/or alternative strategies for supplies of fertilizers and is committed to developing and commercializing superior organic fertilizer products.

Trial Details
The first setting is at Sunshine Ridge Farm in two separate greenhouse facilities where hot peppers and tomatoes are cultivated. The trial will be held in 10L and 30L pots with a non-additized control planting, a second planting with a competing brand of commercial worm castings, and the Argo Vermicasting in a third planting. Planting has commenced on schedule with plans to transfer to separate containers in April.

The second set of plantings will take place on Galiano Island on a farm property which has 3 acres of broom and brambles that have been cleared. The soil is currently being cultivated in preparation for seeding of cover crops. This trial will consist of six test plots on the 3-acre area. Planting on this site will begin before the end of March.

The third setting is at Bodega Ridge Resort, at their new greenhouse facility, which cultivates cut flowers, vegetables and other produce for their fine dining restaurant. As with the first trial at Sunshine Ridge, this trial will be a side-by-side trial with two different competitors' worm castings, along with Argo's fungal dominant Vermicastings, and a control planting. These plantings will be done in separate containers commencing in late March.

Mr. Chad Diakow, Director and Site Operations Manager, states, "We are on a mission creating organic, nutrient-dense growing mediums capable of supporting the growth of high-value crops. In this day and age, consumers are more concerned than ever in regard to food supply chains. Our organic soils deliver economic and sustainable solutions to growing nutrient-dense plants naturally. We are well positioned to increase manufacturing capacity and delivering a wider range of products with a goal of becoming a major player in the rapidly growing organic soil marketplace. The trials that we are currently conducting are an important step in realizing this vision. We look forward to providing details of these trials in the coming months."

About Argo Living Soils Corp.

The Company is an agribusiness company specializing in producing and developing organic products including soil amendments, living soils, bio‐fertilizers, vermicompost, and compost tea kits formulated specifically for high value crops. The Company was founded in 2018 and its production facilities are located on Galiano Island, British Columbia.

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