Smarty Pantz Marketing Launches (AI) Digital Advertising Program to Florida's Businesses

Fort Lauderdale, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - March 17, 2022) - With the launch of new (AI) digital advertising programs, Smarty Pantz Marketing hopes to duplicate last year's 100% growth. The company has built a reputation for creating seamless processes that increase profit margins for businesses throughout Florida and the United States. Today, the agency plans to bring larger enterprises to the next level by providing holistic and effective (AI) digital marketing campaigns.

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Smarty Pantz utilizes its proprietary RIGHT Methodology, which stands for marketing that (R) Resonates, (I) Increases interest, (G) Generates Leads, (H) is Holistic and (T) Targeted.

Allen Levin co-founded SPM in 2017 after building an impressive track record as a digital marketing director in various companies in South Florida. He is known to be an innovative and a no-nonsense digital marketing leader. During his time working for Fortune 500 companies such as Comcast Universal and the Miami Dolphins, Levin gained a deep understanding of digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation within digital advertising have become important areas that Levin and his team have understood small and midsize businesses will need to implement if they are to achieve exponential growth, lead generation, and impactful marketing campaigns.

"We use automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to save time and energy, while also providing new touchpoints for clients, ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks," said Allan Levin, founder of Smarty Pantz Marketing. "We also use my business partner's strategies, which he has honed over years of owning a business coaching franchise, to create systems and processes in marketing."

Smarty Pantz Marketing provides their customers with an abundance of valuable information. For instance, they know that the creation of effective lead magnets involves identifying authentic use cases and high-definition images to be used in advertising thumbnails and messaging. SPM reports the majority of ineffective ads emphasize talking points or jargon that do not relate to the customer's emotional pain points. This is why Smarty Pantz focuses on service benefits that have a visceral emotional connection to the customer. As an example of ad phrasing, they say: "Instead of saying 'Our product will help you lose 20 pounds,' a better approach is 'Losing 20 pounds will allow you to fit into those jeans gathering dust in your closet.'"

Smarty Pantz Marketing has also provided education to Florida businesses through Smarty University, an educational wing of the business that offers real-world university education and certification in digital marketing, lead generation, and advertising.

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SPM plans to expand in the next few years in order to serve more clients and help them grow their businesses.

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