iRocket Ltd and "AppFox" join forces to launch iRocket AR into the Metaverse

February 02, 2022 11:38 AM EST | Source: MediaR3

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - February 2, 2022) - iRocket Ltd together with the game studio AppFox are launching iRocket AR to be the first free Play-to-Earn augmented reality video game in the Metaverse to be built on the Polygon network with the support of Bullish Block Capital, a blockchain investment and advisory firm.

Introducing iRocket AR.

iRocket AR is a geo-based augmented reality mobile video game that is currently being developed by AppFox.

AppFox is a video game development company that has been developing games for more than 10 years.

The company is one of the top leading video game development studios. It has been holding first place in video game development for the third year in a row across the entire CIS region, as well as second place in the mobile development industry in Moscow.

iRocket AR will use the Polygon network to facilitate transactions. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon allows for a dedicated blockchain network which combines the best features of stand-alone blockchains with security.

The project is being supported by Bullish Block Capital, a company that is leading the charge in futuristic technology and advancements to innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

iRocket AR uses augmented reality to bring the player into an immersive virtual world. The game is played by walking around in the real world and interacting with various virtual objects and creatures.

Players in iRocket AR are space astronauts whose goal is to capture, collect, train, evolve and battle Arties. Artie creatures are collectible space creatures that inhabit the virtual world. Arties are small and cute, but most importantly they are fierce, and they have their own specific traits and abilities that help them battle other creatures and conquer planets. iRocket AR will offer players 3 game modes - a single-player mode, a co-op mode and a PvP mode.

In iRocket AR, new players will receive a time-limited Artie, with whom they can start their planet-conquering journey! Arties can also be found and captured by exploring different planets or alternatively, they can be bought from the in-game store or from other players in the marketplace.

Planets are a huge aspect of the game, essentially, just like in the real world where people can own plots of land; players in iRocket AR can have their own planets, which are actual areas in the Metaverse where they can build, commercialize, and monetize their digital assets.

Traditional games and the P2E model.

While a traditional gaming experience limits you to the game developer's imagination, geo-based games can turn the real world - parks, buildings, and subways - into the backdrop for amazing experiences. Traditional games and E-sports are mainly aimed towards very talented and dedicated individuals, whereas P2E games give an opportunity for each and every person to monetize their time while playing video games.

Geo-based games are games that use the player's physical location, usually via a GPS module, as an input or as a base for the generation of the game level or access to location-specific information and gameplay. This combined with the P2E model is what iRocket AR hoping to accomplish.

Play-to-Earn (or P2E) is a new video game model that allows players to earn unique NFTs that can then be sold or traded on the market. Furthermore, the implementation of P2E helps create a realistic economic system in video games and ties digital assets to players instead of video games.

As the market for gaming expands, the number of games is also growing. To make an impact in people's lives, game designs have to feature new and exciting user experiences. iRocket AR aspires to become much more than just a successful game; it aspires to be the pick of the bunch that will make an enormous impact not only on gamers, but on the gaming industry as a whole.


Name: Bullish Block capital

Country: London, UK


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