MySquard Launches Mobile App That Serves as Digital Highway to Connect Service Providers with Customers

November 16, 2021 2:19 PM EST | Source: VOT Sales

Washington, D.C.--(Newsfile Corp. - November 16, 2021) - MySquard launches application so all service providers who want to connect to end-clients, whether business or residential, now can do this by the touch of their fingertips -such as repairmen, IT services providers, electricians, barbershops, HVAC providers with endless possibilities-however to date many providers struggle to connect with new clients. One of the most significant sources of new leads has been marketplaces that bridge the gap between solopreneurs & services providers and customers. Accordingly, one app looks to provide a superior platform for these service providers to reach out to customers offering a synchronous connection of supply to demand. The platform is called MySquard, and it's quickly picking up momentum.

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MySquard is an on-demand service platform that brings a cornucopia of service providers and potential clientele into one virtual space. It emphasizes partnerships with its partners and works tirelessly to improve its user experience. Today, the mobile service has grown immensely in record time and now services up to 50,000 locations around the nation and world. Many platforms have focused on one particular niche like food or transportation, however MySquard connects the entire service eco-system into one application that will service the entire globe.

The company behind the revolutionary app has one mission: to deliver top-quality on-demand services to customers. Therefore, they rely heavily on their community of service providers who are on the forefront of the supply chain to provide a diverse blend of specialities and expertise to all end-clients.

The digital boom has redefined the way people experience independent services. It doesn't feel too long ago that people traveled from one place to another to pick up their products. Now, e-commerce giants like Amazon have changed consumer behaviours. It's now possible to pick up a book, new gadget, clothes, or any other product without even leaving the front doorstep. MySquard works on a simple vision: to make the same possible in the service sector.

The team behind the technology has spent over a decade in the software space. But during the pandemic, the MySquard founders realized a significant gap in the on-demand service industry. With many people struggling to get the most basic of services given health protocols and closures, there was a problem that needed solving. Hence, the birth of MySquard. Now, the platform looks to usher people into the new reality of services.

The app uses an easy-to-use system that integrates a service provider's offering with a customer's needs. The system includes an ordering and delivery of services tracker that gets updated in real-time. The app also uses the latest GPS technology to make it easy for independent contractors to locate their clients' homes and get there with very few issues.

On top of giving customers convenience, the company works to bring more opportunities to solo entrepreneurs and contractors. Nowadays, many people want to become their own boss, but a lack of cash flow and clients can be a lingering issue, especially in the beginning. MySquard hopes to help the little guy flourish in this new decentralized world of business and services with its expansive customer base. Gone are the days when people had to rely on big agencies and corporations to make a living. Instead, they can now venture out on their own.

MySquard hasn't been without its fair share of challenges. Gaining capital and scaling were pain points initially because the business was a tech startup. But the team has overcome all struggles to make the business work. Today, the tech company looks to the future and hopes to redefine the independent service industry worldwide.

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