RICI Elon - The Hyper-Deflationary Super Memecoin with a Metaverse GameFi Platform

November 15, 2021 2:10 PM EST | Source: Ankit

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 15, 2021) - RICI Elon is creating a Hyper-inflationary Memecoin with a Metaverse GameFi platform. Memecoin is a trend that makes many people become billionaires overnight because most meme tokens skyrocket in price and explode monumentally for months. The increase in price is not based on any principle, even when it comes to chart analysis techniques.

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RICI = Meme + GameFi

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Therefore, Memecoins always attract a lot of "hardcore fans." At birth, most Memecoins are extremely cheap, normally with only 1 USD you can buy 100,000 tokens or more. Therefore, the new community that joins the Crypto market with a modest amount of capital, they often have special interest in Meme coins.

The idea of RICI Elon was to create a meme token that would have exponential growth in value. As you hold onto the token longer, your assets grow faster and stronger with time due to its built-in hyper deflationary mechanism. Even more, by using RICI tokens to participate in the SafeMEME game, players have more incentive to hold as long as possible in order to receive huge profits in the end!

RICI Elon is one of the Meme projects that are "crazy" when their tokens are planned to be burned 99.99% at launch. Really crazy! They don't even organize public crowdfunding events from IDO or IEO. More than that, to boost the community to the moon, a tax of 10% is applied to all transactions with 5% of the tax will be distributed fairly to all RICI holders. And the other 5% of the transaction tax will be automatically added to the Liquidity pool to generate an ever-rising price floor.

RICI Elon is giving out free tokens through the Airdrop program to grow their loyal community, and active members can earn up to 50% in referral rewards. The project has gained impressive attraction from the very first days. The community grew to more than 50,000 holders in just 72 hours. According to the Roadmap, on November 15-16th, RICI will officially release the SafeMEME game.

Any holder who owns the RICI tokens can participate in the SafeMEME NFT game to earn substantial profits up to 600% from collecting and leveling up NFT cats. Moreover, members who actively attract new members to join the RICI community and play the SafeMEME game are also rewarded with up to 25% commission on every box their referrals purchase. This is a great incentive for content Publishers who own large communities.

Additionally, RICI Elon also has a Reward Pool that creates liquidity for all NFT cats in the SafeMEME game. You can sell NFT cats into the Reward Pool to get back the number of tokens corresponding to the value of the NFT cats you own. The developers also plan to release the second version of SafeMEME game that integrates some initial features of Metaverse: AR and VR. Imagine seeing the NFT cats you have collected so far sitting in front of you, waiting to fight with your friends' NFT cats!

The developers' vision is to combine both the advantages of a meme token and a compelling NFT game, making RICI Elon become the project that has the most current trendy features in Meme coin and GameFI. By creating an entirely new and attractive trend in the crypto space, we will build an ultra-engaged community where everyone can make significant profits from holding RICI and playing the SafeMEME game.

On November 14th, RICI Elon listed their tokens for trading on the Pancakeswap DEX so that all users can buy and hold as much as they want to satisfy their needs for owning "the Golden NFT cats of the Memecoin industry."

Official website: https://rici.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiciELON

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/ricieloncommunity

Telegram Groups: https://t.me/ricielon

Purchase on Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x96a938d3a91e864cc9f342b8b5cfce06d0bc8cea

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Company Name: Rici Elon
Email: Support@rici.io
City: New York
Country: USA

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