SEDI Filing Process

Our SEDI filing process is composed of 3 steps:

  1. The client provides us with his/her insider number and access key. These pieces of information are obtained when the insider profile is created. If an insider profile has not yet been created we will create it on the client's behalf.

  2. To better facilitate accuracy and efficiency when reporting on your behalf, clients must fully complete a paper version of Form 55-102F6, sign it, and forward it to us either by fax or by email. We will no longer accept insider reporting data for SEDI in any other format.

  3. We will complete the SEDI filing on behalf of the client and provide a notification.

To learn more about SEDI, you may download the SEDI User Guide (in Adobe Acrobat format) from the Canadian Securities Administrators web site. You can also find an extensive set of help files on the SEDI web site itself.