Bitdeer Provides a Convenient Way to Mine Nervos (CKB)

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2021) - Bitdeer, the leading provider of digital asset mining services, is now offering Nervos Network (CKB) mining packages. CKB is the token that powers the Nervos Network. The Nervos Network describes itself as an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and collection of protocols. The Nervos CKB token is a layer 1 proof of work blockchain protocol.

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Bitdeer is now offering Nervos Network (CKB) mining packages

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Nervos Network has received investments from Sequoia, Matrix Partners China and Wanxiang, which saw the value of its token increase by more than 100x. In the 2021 bull market, CKB performed exceptionally with a 10x price increase. Due to a lack of diversity among miner manufacturers and shortage of mining hardware, retail miners have found it difficult to participate in CKB mining. These limitations surrounding accessibility boosted the popularity of Bitdeer's previous CKB packages, which sold out within minutes. Being the world's leading miner sharing platform, Bitdeer's support for CKB miner sharing plan was tremendously beneficial to the CKB community.

Bitdeer trusted to manage over 100,000 miners

Bitdeer is part of Bitdeer Group founded by Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport. Bitdeer is committed to providing comprehensive digital asset mining solutions for miners, experienced and novice alike. To simplify digital asset mining for its users, Bitdeer takes care of the complex processes involved in mining such as miner procurement, transport logistics, power management and daily operations.

Bitdeer has grown exponentially, now with over 100,000 mining units under 24/7 management. It serves users from more than 200 regions and manages mining farms, in Europe and North America, that are in compliance with local regulations.

Purchase CKB or mine CKB

The amount of miners on a blockchain network is a key indicator of its security level. By providing miner sharing plans that enable retail miners to participate in CKB mining, Bitdeer is empowering the Nervos Network to become more secure and decentralized. In turn, this attracts a greater number of users.

Most people purchase tokens and expect their price to appreciate over time. However, mining tokens uses a different economic model, meaning there are chances for miners to acquire tokens at prices lower than market. If miners are able to maintain a low cost of mining, then when the token price appreciates, miners will enjoy superior returns.

In Bitdeer's CKB miner sharing plan, the mining machine used is the Goldshell CK5. Known for its fast calculation speeds and stable operation, each Goldshell CK5 mines CKB with a maximum hashrate of 12Th/s while consuming 2400W of power. According to, the Goldshell CK5 usually provides over 24 USD return per day. When the price reaches a certain threshold, the miners will shutdown to avoid losses. In the case of CKB, that price is $ 0.0015. The package therefore offers a high level of safety for users with less chance of incurring losses due to price volatility.

Bitdeer continues to innovate and make mining more accessible

As the world's first platform to deliver real shared miner's capacity, Bitdeer has strategic partnerships with the top miner manufacturers as well as renowned mining pools like, ViaBTC, Foundry USA, AntPool, F2Pool and

To build trust and provide convenience to Bitdeer users, the platform has put a great deal of effort into providing shared miner traceability. It features straightforward traceability for its hashrate, direct payouts from the mining pool and customizable service plans, all in a convenient package. Bitdeer makes it easy for anyone to begin digital asset mining and provides a variety of mining methods and available tokens.

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