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  • YHE Technology Launches World's 1st Medical-Grade Smartwatch - BP Doctor MED

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Personal medical device experts YHE Technology have announced the launch of BP Doctor MED - A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch. This innovative new product is the world's first FDA-approved & CE-marked* wearable blood pressure smartwatch with 24/7 health status tracking and in-app family sharing.BP Doctor MED

    2021-11-24 9:10 AM EST
  • Slope Finance Set to Become the Gateway for Decentralized Operations on Solana

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 22, 2021) - Slope Finance, the winner project of the Serum Prize at the Solana Season Hackathon Global Station in July, is set to become the gateway for Solana's blockchain ecosystem, thanks to its outstanding performance and innovation, especially that of its native wallet - the Slope Wallet.Solana is currently one of the best-performing blockchain projects in the crypto space, seeing increasing development and adoption.Slope Finance will complete its cross-chain deployment in mid-November, which will...

    2021-11-22 9:11 AM EST
  • 2021 Ping An Finance Center International Vertical Marathon Masters Ended Successfully

    Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 21, 2021) - 2021 Ping An Finance Center International Vertical Marathon Masters ended successfully in Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center, the fourth highest landmark in the world. Liu Qinhua and Chen Liqin won two consecutive championships. They won the men's and women's championships in the professional group with 19 minutes 57 seconds and 24 minutes 26 seconds respectively. The men's and women's champions of Volkswagen Group were won by Zhao Panfei and Yao Liping respectively.

    2021-11-21 9:35 PM EST
  • SCGC, A Leading Venture Capital Firm, with Its 200th Successful IPO, Has Set a New Record in China

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 20, 2021) - On November 12th, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd., known as "SCGC", was excited to announce their 200th successful initial public offering (IPO)-a new record in China's domestic venture capital industry. Shanghai Anlogic Information Technology Co., Ltd., one of the invested companies in SCGC's portfolio, was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market). The IPO of this leading domestic semiconductor and integrated circuit design enterprise, has once again...

    2021-11-20 6:33 PM EST
  • Bionic World: First-Ever BEP998 Farm Game Metaverse to Come

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 20, 2021) - Newyork-Bionic World, a new generation of NFT+GameFi games, will be launched soon! Frontier engine brings high-quality gaming animation and experience. 998 system creates an exclusive role for players. In addition, dynamic weather system highly restores the fun games in reality! What's more, this high-value economic system model will also attract the attention and expectation of heavy players!

    2021-11-20 4:16 PM EST
  • Bitdeer Introduces the Web 3.0-focused HNS as the Platform's Latest Offering

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 19, 2021) - Bitdeer, the world's leading digital assets mining and cloud service platform, introduces HNS as the platform's latest offering, a recently soaring altcoin which just hit its new all-time highs as interoperability and Web 3.0 functionality begin to emerge as the next hot trend in the crypto sector. The inclusion of HNS reflects Bitdeer's pioneering position in the industry, swiftly responding to market trend, and bringing in first-class digital asset options for its...

    2021-11-19 12:14 AM EST
  • Bitdeer Group Takes the Lead in Renewable Energy Adoption Among Global Digital Asset Mining

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 17, 2021) - Bitdeer Group, the world's leading digital assets mining service provider, reveals its latest achievement in the adoption of renewable energy that is ensured by one of its three major business verticals Mining Datacenter amid the constantly rising usage of sustainable and renewable technology in world's cryptocurrency mining. To view an enhanced versi

    2021-11-17 2:00 AM EST
  • On November 20th, Japanese Company Yinshan Co., Ltd. Will Release the Consumer-grade Robot Dog "Aladdin", Only 9999 US Dollars

    Tokyo, Japan--(Newsfile Corp. - November 15, 2021) - After Boston Dynamics' robots were resold many times, another Japanese company, Yinshan Co., Ltd., will release a consumer-grade robotic dog called "Aladdin".The price is 1 million yen in Japan and US$9,999 in the United States. The first batch is limited to 2000 units and will be delivered in the second quarter of 2022. To view an enhanced version of t

    2021-11-15 9:52 PM EST