Algonquin Capital Announces Availability of Algonquin Fixed Income 2.0 Fund to Investors in the Province of Quebec

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 24, 2021) - Algonquin Capital Corporation ("Algonquin") is pleased to announce that its first liquid alternative mutual fund, Algonquin Fixed Income 2.0 Fund (the "Fund") is now available to investors in the Province of Quebec.

Algonquin Fixed Income 2.0 Fund is an actively managed, fixed income fund with the objective to generate positive total returns over the long term and to preserve capital. The Fund primarily invests in Canadian and US corporate fixed income securities, with the portfolio carrying an overall investment grade rating.

Algonquin's liquid alternative mutual fund offering is an opportunity for investors seeking an enhanced fixed income strategy that will generate returns in the prevailing environment of ultra-low yields. The Fund is a complement to the traditional fixed income allocation of investors' portfolios.

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About Algonquin Capital Corporation

Algonquin Capital Corporation ("Algonquin") is a boutique Canadian fixed income investment manager. Algonquin was founded in 2014 and offers fixed income strategies focused on capital preservation while producing strong risk-adjusted returns.

About Algonquin Fixed Income 2.0 Fund

Algonquin Fixed Income 2.0 Fund is an Alternative Mutual Fund. Investors should read the Simplified Prospectus, Annual Information Form, and Fund Facts Documents and consult their registered investment dealer before making an investment decision. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and operating expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. An Alternative Mutual Fund is not guaranteed, its value changes frequently and its past performance is not indicative of future performance and may not be repeated. Payment of quarterly distributions is not guaranteed and paid at the discretion of the manager,, therefore, it may vary from period to period and does not infer fund performance or rate of return.


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