Dr. Plant Successfully Entered the COSME Flagship Store in Japan

Tokyo, Japan--(Newsfile Corp. - September 23, 2021) - Recently, Dr. Plant entered the flagship store of COSME, the largest cosmetics specialty store in Tokyo, Japan, whereby "Chinese alpine plants" once again attracted great attention. Since becoming the first Chinese cosmetics brand to enter Japan in 2019, Dr. Plant has been exploring the path of international development of the brand, committed to conveying the concept of alpine plant skin care on a larger international stage. From the opening of a single-brand store in Japan to the appearance of alpine plant skin care products in the COSME flagship store, the international development of Dr. Plant has made positive progress.

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Dr. Plant products displayed in the COSME flagship store, the largest cosmetics store in Tokyo, Japan

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In the process of international development, Dr. Plant has always focused on high-quality products in overseas markets, and conquered skeptical overseas consumers with high-quality alpine plant products. Dr. Plant knows that products need to have the backing of research in order to gain the interest of people. Therefore, in 2014 Dr. Plant joined forces with the Kunming Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, setting up the "Dr. Plant R&D Center", and bringing together experts and scholars in the fields of genomics, phytochemistry and ethnobotany to jointly decode more skincare effects of alpine plants using modern genetic technology. Through continuous scientific research and exploration, Dr. Plant has finally been able to launch skin care products made with extracts of among others dendrobium, purple ganoderma as well as snow lotus etc., condensing the essence of alpine plants as well as the wisdom of Chinese herbal skin care. These high-quality products are exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries and regions, and have been warmly received by overseas customers.

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Dr. Plant Hanfang Skin Care Science Research Center, Tokyo, Japan

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Dr. Plant has succeeded in entering the Tokyo COSME flagship store not only because of the brand's core products. Dr. Plant's Hanfang alpine plant skin care formulas use essences of Chinese alpine plants. The effects of alpine plants are well documented. The product ingredients are mild and safe, light, and easy to absorb and can effectively relieve skin sensitivity problems of Japanese women. "Chinese alpine plants" are therefore welcomed by Japanese consumers. The Japan-made products sold in the Japanese Dr. Plant store are jointly developed by the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Japanese Hanfang Skin Care Scientific Research Center of Dr. Plant. The Dr. Plant Japan R&D Center has been established 9 years ago. It employs senior researchers which have previously worked for Shiseido, FANCL and other major international cosmetics companies. By integrating Japan's and China's innovative scientific research results, the brand has been able to successfully develop Japanese-made Dr. Plant products for sale in the Japanese and Hong Kong markets, using alpine plants as raw materials.

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In the COSME flagship store in Tokyo, Japan; the Japan-made Dr. PLANT dendrobium activating aging-resistance mask is loved by consumers

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As the first Chinese cosmetics brand to go overseas successfully, Dr. Plant continues to deliver its brand charm on a larger and wider international stage with its long-term global vision and products that highlight the results of scientific research. So far, Dr. Plant has more than 4,200 stores in more than 300 cities in Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, etc., its global membership has already exceeded 12 million with the brand influence continuing to increase. With the official launch in the COSME flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, the international development of Dr. Plant has reached a new breakthrough, demonstrating the brand strength of "making the world fall in love with Chinese cosmetics".

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