AAEX GLOBAL, Singapore's AAEX BLOCKCHAIN EXCHANGE, Officially Announced Published ONLINE Ceremony on the 15th August 2021

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - August 26, 2021) - AAEX GLOBAL, the AAEX BLOCKCHAIN exchange of Singapore, AA Blockchain Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., held a published Online ceremony in Singapore. Yang Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Singapore AA Blockchain Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., Lu Huangbin, CEO, C.H. Poh, General Manager of AA megamall, Honorary Director Liu Taiying, as well as directors and working partners and distinguished guests from various countries participated in the event in the form of a webcast meeting.

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Singapore AAEX BLOCKCHAIN exchange is a subsidiary of Singapore AA blockchain Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. and it provides services to service global crypto lovers outside Singapore through AAEX global mobile phone application. During the Published Online ceremony, Singapore AAEX blockchain exchange signed a cooperation framework agreement with DS Solutions Pte Ltd. DS Solutions Pte Ltd has a "special exemption license for payment services" issued by the monetary authority of Singapore, MAS.

HQ established in SIngapore, AAEX BLOCKCHAIN exchange will provide a full range of compliant blockchain related services to the world through cooperation with DS solutions.

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During the event, Mr. Liu Taiying, Honorary Chairman of the company, Mr. Ken Chen, Chairman of SUN MOON LAKE Fuli group, Mr. Duan Kaixiong, Chairman of Myanmar Mars network finance company, Mr. Rex Watson, AA BLOCKCHAIN representative from Down Under Australia and DR. Jo of Singapore congratulated Chairman Yang Bin on effectively promoting the development of mercury Blockchain and the Published Online ceremony through virtual event & live streamed on Online Media platform.

After the first phase of AAEX BLOCKCHAIN exchange goes online, it will first provide (USDT / ASDT / AAC / AAA) mutual trading pairing between these four digital currencies, and also to provide trading for most popular Crypto Currency in the later stage to serve the global digital currency believers. According to Dr. Wang, Chief Technology Officer of AAEX Global exchange, AAEX Blockchain exchange adopts the current most advanced exchange procedures, which are also fully self-dependent, promised friendly operation ease But Super highest security guarantee.

AA chain mercury public chain is a decentralized, efficient and energy-saving public chain initiated by Yang Bin, Chief Executive of Sinuiju, North Korea, basing on the "consensus trust" mechanism and encryption algorithm based on the blockchain. Every transaction in the customer scenario is recorded on the blockchain, and it do not need to rely on third-party intermediaries, it also promises to be completely open, transparent and traceable, Further-more it establishes a global trust system, and realized efficient consensus, multi application scenario, scalability, high performance, high security, high-speed access and efficient operation. AA Mercury Blockchain supports the construction of various applications on the chain, including anonymous network communication, computing power sharing, storage space sharing, bandwidth sharing, credit guarantee, etc., provides open interfaces for third parties to develop DAPP, and cooperates with with various service providers and application to provide practical application to combining various scenarios. It is built to support even commercial organizations and government agencies to build a public chain, alliance chain and even private chain application systems, according to their own business characteristics and needs, so as to apply AA · chain mercury chain to various practical required scenarios.

Singapore AA Block Chain Technology Innovation Limited has since attracted attention from all over the world. It has also attracted the influential partner in Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, which contributed in the total worth of the AA company to exceed $4 billion in value.

The launch of AAEX GLOBAL exchange is an important application to complete the eco-cycle of AA  mercury chain. It is an important embodiment of AA · chain value interconnection and value transmission system and a strong support for AA blockchain megamall.

Through AAEX exchange, AA megamall will slowly evolve to a realised a multi-national, ecological, borderless, business nature. AAEX exchange will also to allow linkage AA mercury chain with national legal currencies through the implementation of transaction pairing including the introduction of ASDT and USDT, and forming an effective channel for global encrypted crypto exchange for ASDT, so as to meet the rapid and fast growing global Crypto believers in AA blockchain MEGAMALL.

The infinite influence under by AA mercury chain will one day become the leader of node economic development in the digital world in the near future.

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Mr. Yang Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Singapore AA Blockchain Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., was born in Nanjing. He went to the Netherlands to study at the age of 25 in 1987 and obtained Dutch nationality in 1993. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, seizing the business opportunities of appearing in Eastern Europe, he devoted himself to international trade between China and Poland and earned his first pot of gold. In 1990, he founded Euroasia International Trade Co., Ltd. in the Netherlands. At the end of 1992, he started his second business and invested in agriculture. He then returned to China in 1995, engaged in agricultural development in Shenyang, and established a Holland-look alike development project. In the same year, he was ranked No. 2 China richest top listing by Forbes magazine . He was later appointed as the Chief Executive of "Sinuiju", Special Administrative Region by the government of North Korean, and achieved great success in development.

This Year, Yang Bin went to Singapore to establish "Singapore AA Blockchain Technology Innovation Co., Ltd." as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also actively participated in Singapore charities and social causes and recently donated S $100,000 to Singapore's "New Hope Community Services", "New Hope Community Services" (hereinafter referred to as "new hope NHCS") to support the group's shelter for the needy in Singapore.

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