Homegrown Canadian Crypto Startup, Steam Exchange, Takes on Binance and Other Major Players, in an Effort to Obtain Complete Compliancy and Offer a Safe Space for New Investors in the Crypto Ecosphere

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - August 19, 2021) - Steam Exchange, a new and upcoming Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange is on track to set the new standard for major players in the market. Having access to a feature-packed Centralized Exchange has been an issue in Canada. With major brands exiting the market due to regulations, it leaves opportunity for homegrown talent and local organizations to soak up some significant market share.

Steam Exchange's 'built from scratch' approach enables features to be built out with longevity and complete compliancy in mind. Steam Exchange is currently being developed in Canada, by Canadian Engineers. Partnered with top Canadian Universities, the platform is truly "Made in Canada".

Neville Divecha, one of the Co-founders and developers of Steam Exchange, shares what they are doing to differentiate themselves from some of the major players -

"We definitely see Steam Exchange operating as a Global Initiative with a Canadian core. We're currently working with the best legal minds in the regulatory and compliancy sector. Steam Exchange believes that the user experience directly relates to the success of a platform, and will be applying that principle to their development strategy. We are working towards being 100% compliant with OSC regulations, and regulations around the world. With first of its kind features, the platform will truly be your one stop shop for all things crypto. We aim to provide services and functions that allow you to trade confidently and freely.

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"Keep in mind that this is not an idea or solely a concept. We've been hard at work, behind the scenes for more than 6 months, and are well on our way to completion of Stage 2 - which is our mobile integration and user interface optimization. We crushed our deadlines with Stage 1 and were able to show our community the fully functional and operational exchange platform; live nodes, active trading pairs, KYC integration, you name it.

"Steam Exchange views itself as much more than just an exchange, we aim to make a difference in the crypto ecosphere by providing a safe space for individuals to foster, and groom their own crypto journeys through the power of learning. This will be facilitated by our physical locations across Canada, as well as online resources; offering exposure and training for all things crypto."

The team behind Steam Exchange is currently focusing efforts on marketing, ahead of their SteamXchange Token launch, working closely and diligently with strategic partners and preparing a range of targeted content and informational material. By preparing and engaging in their marketing initiatives now, rather than post-launch, the team is confident that they will be positioning Steam Exchange in great stead, for their holders and strategic partners.

Designed with early investors & visionaries in mind, the SteamXchange Token, built on the Binance smart chain, enables early adoption of the native SteamX Coin that would be based on their own proprietary Blockchain.

Neville mentions, "Upon completion of Stage 3 and once our Exchange is ready to be released to the world, we will engage in a swap of SteamXchange Tokens for our native SteamX Coin. This native SteamX Coin will be used as the main liquidity pair for all cryptocurrencies offered on the platform. It will work as a base token for the platform where all trading to, and from other cryptocurrencies begin and end with SteamX Coin.

"In addition to trading, SteamX Coin will unlock tiers within the platform. The more SteamX Coin you hold, the higher the tier. The higher the tier, the more benefits you unlock. Think of this as an incentive to trade on and support the platform.

"All of this is not possible without being powered by our state-of-the-art SteamX Blockchain! Built with speed and cost in mind, trading on the SteamX Blockchain will be fast and affordable. Gone are the days of slow trades and high fees."

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Steam Exchange believes that they can make a difference in the crypto ecosphere by providing a safe, well-informed space for new and experienced investors alike. The physical locations will encourage more exposure, trust, and allow for Steam Exchange to bridge the gap through the power of learning. The core team has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies in the past and is ever willing to deliver; they constantly provide the community with updates and organize forums of discussion. All aboard as Steam Exchange is poised to emerge as a credible, long-term player in the crypto ecosphere.

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