AXIA Partners with Native Communities of the East to Build an Inclusive Economy

Road Town, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - July 15, 2021) - The AXIA Project has announced its partnership with Native Communities of the East representing a conglomerate of Aboriginal communities. The partnership will consist of support by AXIA through the tokenization of the billions of dollars in assets including real estate, gemstones, precious metals and other commodities that are in the rightful control and ownership of the communities, along with the connection to a technological paradigm shifting financial system that is based on participatory policies and the constant creation of value for all users.

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 The Native Communities of the East are set to benefit from the opportunities of the AXIA Ecosystem

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"The shift to a more equitable economic system is part of our core vision and AXIA is taking the necessary steps to connect a transformational currency with local and global communities that are not often the focus of wealth generation opportunities right from the start. Partnering with Native Communities of the East is a way to guarantee that the benefits of the AXIA Ecosystem reach historically under-represented and under-served communities in a fair and equitable way. We're very excited to see what comes next and what we can build together." - AXIA Founder Nick Agar.

AXIA will be partnering with the Native Communities of the East in a historic first, utilizing new and emerging technology that offers to provide more efficiency, remove barriers to entry, deliver new streams of economic growth and increase productivity along with a higher level of transparency. This can open the door to new innovative opportunities and prosperity for all natives. The opportunity comes from the Anishinaabe Protector Foundation.

It is firmly believed that this cooperation agreement with AXIA can open the door to new opportunities and prosperity for all natives. AXIA, as both a technology platform and as a partner, has the real potential to make a positive impact with its innovative financial system that is oriented towards value creation where benefits are shared for all participants irrespective of creed, nationality, race or culture.

With AXIA, participants become creators of value through decentralized activity in the network thanks to the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. The network has implemented a monetary framework where constant value is delivered to users via integrated applications and connected platforms. These are all underpinned by the project's proprietary currency, AXIA Coin.

"It's with an open heart and much pride that on behalf of Eastern Canadian non-funded natives/metis communities that we wish to make public the great collaboration with AXIA. The human aspect of the AXIA team is what we were impressed with from the very start. They took the time to truly listen to our community and our needs, and brought forward technological solutions that will allow us to tokenize our assets in a way that honours our culture. It also allows us to take the great resources of the land and bring back economic value to the community, without losing control of our historic resources. So on behalf of the native communities that we have the privilege to work with, thank you, to all our relations." - Danny Lareguy, Mi'kmaq Chief, representing natives community of Miscou island and in collaboration with some other Native Chief from the Communities of the East.

Thomas 'SALT' Square, Men's Council Wolf Clan Representative Chief of Akwesane - "This collaboration with AXIA is simply amazing. We will finally be able to create a better future for our children."

Among other community leaders already involved in this historic agreement are Joseph Jacquard, Chief of Metis Acadian Souriquois; Tony Cunningham, Chief of Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council; Daphne Williamson, Mugquomps / Chief of War Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council; and Roger Fleury, Chief Kichesipirini from Fort Coulonge, Quebec.

For Native Communities of the East, AXIA's game changing value proposition represents a boon to underserved communities. Thanks to its capacity for value creation and inclusionary policies, AXIA can be a key that unlocks the door to financial services for the unbanked, remove barriers to entry and create more opportunities that never existed before.

About AXIA

AXIA Coin is an asset-supported global currency, utilizing innovative blockchain and smart contract technology standards to upend traditional financial structures, lower participant costs and advance a more equitable and inclusionary economic model on a global scale. As a network, AXIA integrates multiple complementary applications and platforms that will pioneer the pace of the decentralized economy to drive mainstream adoption in improving business processes globally. The currency provides sophisticated solutions that serve as an ideal replacement to the fiat payment system and also improve on the existing cryptocurrency models.

About Native Communities of the East

Native Communities of the East's role is to keep the traditional belief about guardianship of the planet for future generations. Several Natives communities have come together to leverage their resources to assist other Aboriginal and non Aboriginal communities in creating and protecting ecosystems in an attempt to prevent further damage to the environment.

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