Circadian Wellness Inc. Chief Operating Officer Will Present at a Psychedelic Capital Event Hosted by Microdose(TM)

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 31, 2021) - Today, functional mushroom company Circadian Wellness will have a member of their leadership team presenting at the virtual Psychedelic Capital event hosted by MicroDose™. Chief Operating Officer, Alex Wolfe will be providing his perspective about the functional and psychedelic mushroom landscape and the future of the industry.

"We are delighted to share our perspective, learn and support fellow industry leaders in a unique event. We all share the same mission - to educate and bring the benefits of microdosing to more people," said Alex Wolfe, Chief Operating Officer at Circadian Wellness.

Also on the horizon for the wellness company is the commencement of a clinical study testing a novel sleep supplement through a sublingual liposomal delivery format (Quicksome™). The purpose of the study is to explore the effects of the supplement on quality of sleep, and the potential of the delivery method by monitoring patients' sleep metrics.

The prospective clinical study has 30 participants in a double-blind randomized trial over a two-month period. Researchers are using the oura ring, a smart sleep tracking device to collect data related to additional vitals including deep sleep, REM sleep, lowest resting heart rate, mean heart rate variability, and total sleep time. The study is under the supervision of esteemed holistic wellness expert, Dr. Sanjeev Goel, Chief Medical Officer to Circadian Wellness and founder of Peak Human brands.

About Circadian Wellness Inc.

Circadian Wellness Inc. (CW) is bringing functional mushroom products to market. The company focuses on mushroom farming, extraction and patented delivery methods to manufacture and brand various health and wellness products. Since inception, research breakthroughs have made their licensed proprietary Quicksome™ delivery system scalable commercially by delivering the highest purity and quality mushroom extracts and isolates.

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