Embark Delta Inc. Completes First Shipment to Province of Manitoba

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - April 28, 2021) - Embark Delta Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Embark Health Inc. ("Embark" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the Company has successfully completed product shipments to private retailers in the province of Manitoba.

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Embark Brands of next generation 2.0 products include The Hank Co. and The Hazel Co. under its line of solventless products, and, Distilled + Infused and Meridian under its line of beverage and topical products that utilizes the Embark Nano Technology.

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Embark will be directly supplying retailers in Manitoba with The Hank Co. ("Hank") Bubble Hash and The Hazel Co. ("Hazel") Hash Sticks. Embark is also thrilled to be supplying the Distilled + Infused brand of nano-infused THC and CBD Liquid beverage mixes and the luxurious Meridian all-in-one THC and CBD wellness and beauty creams.

"The Embark team is pleased to share that our quality Hank Bubble Hash and Hazel Hash Sticks are available to retailers in the province of Manitoba," said Bruce Dawson-Scully, CEO of Embark. "We are keen to work directly with local retailers, and are also delighted to be able to supply our newly launched nano infused beverages and topicals."

Hank is part of Embark's portfolio of 2.0 solventless line of brands. The Hank Bubble Hash is produced from quality whole flower trichome heads only, resulting in a flavourful experience. Produced through ice water extraction, the result is a light and golden hued, dabbable concentrate. Other concentrate products under the Hank brand, like Hank Pressed Hash, will soon be available to retailers in Manitoba.

Hazel is Embark's premier brand under its portfolio of 2.0 solventless line. The Hazel Hash Sticks are a unique solventless concentrate for discerning cannabis connoisseurs and those who wish to expand their "go-to" options for concentrates. The hash sticks come in a pre-roll form, hand-crafted into a 1-gram hollow tube, and contains no paper or filter. It can be enjoyed as is, without the use of additional specialized tools such as dab rigs or pens.

Also available to retails are Embark's newly launched brands that utilize the Embark Nano technology.

Distilled + Infused is Embark's first product offering in the beverage category and comes in two different SKUs. The initial launch includes the THC-infused Liquid Shot and the CBD-Infused Liquid Shot. Both THC and CBD options are unflavoured, gluten-free and plant-based. They can be mixed with the consumers' beverage of choice. Packaged in a convenient "grab and go" option, the CBD and THC shots contain Embark Nano's proprietary bitter blocking formula, which eliminates any bitter taste typically found in current market offerings.

When combined with your preferred drink, the Liquid Shot results in a clear, translucent blend that does not compromise taste or flavour and requires no stirring. The Distilled + Infused Liquid Shot is ideal for those who desire an alternative to traditional cannabis consumption or beverage alternative to alcoholic beverages.

The luxurious Meridian all-in-one topical cream is available in THC and CBD 1oz and 2oz jar sizes scented with argan and vanilla. The Meridian products are suitable for daily use, paraben-free, scented with organic natural extracts, contain no synthetic perfumes or scents or volatile compounds, and no formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

Meridian is the first of its kind in the Canadian market, utilizing the Embark Nano delivery technology, which shortens the initial onset time of THC effects and allows for transdermal and rapid systemic absorption. The Meridian cream is ideal for those looking for an all-in-one product with skin care attributes of nourishing hydration in conjunction with health and wellness properties in a topical cream format.

About Embark Health Inc.

Embark Health Inc. is a leader in solventless cannabis extraction, with a focus on the formulation and production of advanced 2.0 products for the B2B, medical, and adult-use markets. Embark continues to be at the forefront of production of concentrate products including bubble hash, traditional pressed hash, rosin, and dry sift. Building on Embark's strength in innovation and creating industry-leading Cannabis 2.0 products, it recently announced new product offerings through its proprietary ground-breaking Embark Nano technology. The new suite of products coming to market include cannabis-infused beverages, topicals, edibles and water-soluble powders.

Embark-managed brands of next generation 2.0 products include The Hank Co. and The Hazel Co. under its line of solventless products, and, Distilled + Infused and Meridian under its line of beverage and topical products that utilizes the Embark Nano Technology.

It is Embark's mandate to pursue best-in-class production processes resulting in premium quality commercial and consumer extraction products. Embark Health Inc. is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of the cannabis plant through scientific approaches to extraction and the production of quality products to enhance everyday life. For more information, please visit www.embarkhealthinc.com.

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