Google "Access to Information" Report Discloses Approximately 25 Million Official Monthly Requests for Data and URL Removals - Video News Alert Summary on

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - January 6, 2014) - There’s been a lot of press about requests received by the large Internet companies to hand over user data, along with requests to remove information from search inquiries. We recently discovered an “Access to Information” report that Google issues on a regular basis that sheds light on how laws and policies specifically affect Google and the flow of information online. has produced a “video news alert” discussing the magnitude and source of these requests. If this link is not enabled, please visit and enter “access to information” in the search box.

If you cannot view the video above, please visit:

In the report, Google discloses the number of requests it receives from copyright owners and governments to remove information from its services. Statistics for a recent month showed requests covering approximately 25 million individual URLs, with the majority of requests coming from copyright owners and reporting organizations requesting that Google remove search results linking to content that allegedly infringes upon copyrights.

Governments also ask Google to remove or review content for many different reasons. For example, some content removals are requested due to allegations of defamation, while others are due to allegations that the content violates local laws prohibiting hate speech or adult content.

For those of you wanting to delve deeper into this data, the full report is available at:

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Barry Morgan, CFO