Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Signs On with Non-Fungible Token Auction Sites

Beverly Hills, California--(Newsfile Corp. - March 29, 2021) - Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU) is pleased to announce that, in the spirit of capitalizing on investor enthusiasm for non-fungible tokens, it is thrilled to sign on with two NFT auction sites in order to manage the sales of our NFT portfolio. We will initially focus on NFT's related to the ABA Canada and our two US teams, Beverly Hills Majestics and Hollywood Action. We further feel the viability of capitalizing on NFT's with our current and previous media projects with sister company, Providence Film Group, would be extremely lucrative.

In the recent weeks the NFT craze has been explosive. With other celebrities cashing in on this, the Company believes there will be strong demand for its basketball, film and television, related NFTs.

Simply put, a non-fungible token is anything in a digital form; say an image, a video or a song, with a unique signature that is accounted for by Blockchain technology usually by the cryptocurrency Ethereum. That means a digital picture of a cat or a rat or a hat can be bought or sold with completely verifiable ownership through computer code. Of course, there can be copies of this NFT, just like there are copies of a painting, but there is only one original and the NFT, the token, is its statement of authenticity or provenance. The "non-fungible" part refers to the item being singular, as opposed to currency, where say one bitcoin or a $100 bill is the same as any other.

Valiant Eagle Inc.'s CEO, Xavier Mitchell, states, "This opportunity is too good to ignore. We believe our vast and diverse library of content and holdings will create strong demand in and amongst NFT investors."

Updates will be forthcoming.

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Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU) is a publicly traded corporation focused on the energizing of celebrity entertainment, social media and TV communications. VE aims to achieve an unparalleled advancement towards media through music, sports and, with respect to the millennial generation, through technology. Technology is an important part of our life especially in the last century more than ever.

With benefits such as speed, accuracy, unlimited information and more, the internet has provided various means of communicating without delay nor difficulty. However, a level of consumer satisfaction has yet to be reached. Valiant Eagle, Inc. looks to fill this void.

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