Why Hidden Value Stock Bubblr Is on a Mission to Fix the Internet

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - March 16, 2021) -  PCG Digital -- The internet is broken. With virtually no editorial oversight and search page placement awarded to the highest bidder, users are being fed news and information that is controlled by a select few. The bulk of it is filtered, politically slanted, and often inaccurate.

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Bubblr (BBLR)

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Bubblr, an ethical technology company that was recently granted a patent for a new internet-based search mechanism, intends to change that. CEO Steven Saunders explained in a recent video how the company used "first principle thinking" to develop the new technology.

"Our founders identified the fundamental pillars that hold up the internet and what went wrong with them," he explains. "We then set out to create a new mobile first model that's equitable for all." The five pillars that frame up the internet are:

  • Users

  • Content Creators

  • Businesses

  • Platforms/Search Engines

  • Ad Tech Industry

Search Engines and Ad Tech Shouldn't Control the Internet - But They Do.

Search engines and big advertising dollars spent within the Ad-tech industry controls what users see. Meanwhile, content creators have to pay a premium for page views as a marketing channel and small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) are left out in the cold. Despite that, 91% of them increase their ad spending annually trying to participate because there are no other options.

It's a no-win situation for the little guy, but Bubblr (BBLR) believes they have found a solution. They're creating an ad-free marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services through mobile technologies. It cannot be monopolized by ad dollars, because there aren't any.

The Bubblr business model is to create a "pot" where 50% of net revenues from the marketplace are allocated back to content providers, based on user consumption, which creates incentive for content creators to produce high quality content and journalism.

To protect users, there will also be no collection of personal data. Users can use the marketplace free of charge, and it's a low-cost monthly subscription fee for SMEs to be able to respond to users' queries for goods and services at a fraction of the cost of participating in the ad-tech ecosystem. Bubblr sets itself apart from traditional tech by utilizing an ethical business model in their operations which guides their decision making.

Mobile Technology Where Users Can be Anonymous

Big data is big money for the select few. Search engines and big spenders use data analysis and retargeting to track user behavior and feed users "customized" search results. They drop "cookies" that follow users around the web, constantly assaulting them with paid ads, or messaging to change perceptions or beliefs. Bubblr applications use only the user's mobile device ID to store preferences and send notifications, making the experience completely anonymous.

By eliminating ad dollar influence and protecting anonymity, Bubblr hopes to level the playing field for content creators, users and SMEs while providing users with a more diverse selection of authentic products, services, and information. They're looking to be a major disruptor in 2021.

Blockchain as an Antidote to Fake News

Despite being thrust into the spotlight fairly recently, fake news is not a new concept. The validity of news and information on the internet has always been a matter of debate. How do users know when the "truth" they are being fed is actually based on real-life events?

The plan for Bubblr is to utilize blockchain technology to verify the veracity of first-hand captured media content through their Citizen Journalist project. Users will no longer have to take the word of the author without anyone doing a fact check since the blockchain network will take care of that for them.

Addressing Wealth Disparity with Ethical Technology

If you watch Saunders' video on first principle thinking, you'll see real passion for unity and equality among internet users. His message is articulate, genuine, and timely. Most folks agree that the internet needs an overhaul, and Bubblr is doing something about it.

"Why do businesses have to toe the line to an unregulated economic model that is grossly unfair?" Steven asks. "Where is the protection from an ad industry that buys our attention or actions through the manipulation of our data?"

Bubblr's stance is that the current internet structure leaves too much room for abuse of power, trampling on the rights of users and preventing SMEs from getting their fair share of revenue. They believe that the world needs more ethical companies building ethical technologies.

Pay close attention to the last few words of the video: "Like most inequalities, a tipping point will occur," Steven says emphatically. "The many need to understand the power held by the many, looking out for each other instead of feeding the few. That's when revolutions occur."

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