InnerScope Hearing (INND)To Launch New Self-Fitting Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids with Remote Programming Feature

InnerScope to Launch the Latest in Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Technology with its Self-Fitting-Self-Adjusting Rechargeable Hearing Aids offered to Walmart customers on, InnerScope's upcoming relaunch of its eCommerce website, and other Major Online and Brick & Mortar Retailers

February 17, 2021 8:30 AM EST | Source: Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc.

Roseville, California--(Newsfile Corp. - February 17, 2021) - InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTC Pink: INND) ("InnerScope") announced today its plans to launch its latest breakthroughs in Hearing Technology with its New Smartphone Controlled Direct-to-Consumer ("DTC") Self-Fitting-Self-Adjusting Rechargeable Hearing Aids with built-in Professional Remote Programming & Support Service ("Self-Fitting Hearing Aids"). With the launch of Self-Fitting Hearing Aids, InnerScope will be replacing all of its legacy hearing aid products that are either not rechargeable or requires separate remote control to make adjustments. The Self-Fitting Hearing Aids provides the consumers an easy, accurate, and straightforward way to fit themselves in under 5 minutes using their Smartphone. Moreover, InnerScope believes its Self-Fitting Hearing Aids deliver the same quality hearing experience and satisfaction for thousands of dollars less than a professionally in-office fitted hearing aid.

With the launch planned to begin spring of 2021, InnerScope as a wholesale vendor for Walmart will be updating its storefront on and other major online retailers for more enhanced visibility to achieve greater sales conversions. Concurrently, InnerScope is working on rolling out its Self-Fitting Hearing Aids and its other Hearing Products with major brick and mortar retailers starting Spring 2021. InnerScope is currently working with additional upcoming retailers on offering InnerScope Hearing Products once the final guidance for the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act is announced by the FDA (expected Spring/Summer 2021).

InnerScope is also currently in the middle of completely revamping its eCommerce sales platform. InnerScope has brought in award-winning Shopify SEO experts to develop advanced SEO features with Shopify themes with fully optimized product filter/tag pages, which unleash 1000's more store URLs in the search engines. InnerScope expects this will increase's organic visibility by 1000% in just four weeks.

InnerScope's Self-Fitting Hearing Aids are:

AFFORDABLE, saving thousands of dollars without sacrificing hearing quality. InnerScope's Self-Fitting Hearing Aids delivers the same overall hearing experience and satisfaction compared to professionally in-office fitted hearing aids with similar quality and features.

FULLY RECHARGEABLE includes a compact charger that lasts up to 20 hours with 1.5 hours charge. (No need to change or buy conventional hearing aid batteries).

EASY & CONVENIENT with no assistance needed or required. No need to make costly and unnecessary trips to a hearing care professional to be fitted or have any adjustments. InnerScope's self-fitting Hearing Aids are instantly fit using a Smartphone, Apple iPad, or Android Tablet. The Smartphone and Smart Device are also used to make instant fine-tuning adjustments on the fly using the Self-Adjusting features.

SIMPLE & ACCURATE with the unique built-in Self-Testing and Self-Fitting programming feature allows the most current and accurate Hearing Profile programmed into the hearing aid at all times. The Self-Testing and Self-Fitting feature conduct a calibrated pure-tone air conduction hearing test for each ear (the same type of hearing test performed by a hearing care professional) at any time to ensure maximum hearing benefit with the hearing aids.

InnerScope's self-fitting Hearing Aid also has a built-in Professional Remote Programming & Support feature, allowing one of InnerScope's licensed hearing care professionals to assist (if needed) to maximize the hearing aid performance through automatically adjusting and fine-tuning the hearing aids remotely.

Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies, commented, "InnerScope is excited to launch its Self-Fitting Hearing Aids with its B2C and B2B Wholesale Retail Partners. InnerScope is planning a launch of an Omni-Channel marketing strategy to significantly increase its B2C sales, including national infomercials, TV/Radio commercials, and other online/digital marketing forms. As a B2B Wholesaler to some of the world's largest retailers, InnerScope will be working with the retailers to create a General Hearing Health and Hearing Products Awareness campaign for their customers. These campaigns will drive awareness of the extreme health consequencesof a person living with untreated hearing loss and market InnerScope's Hearing Products to help the hearing-impaired community through the retailer. All InnerScope's Current and upcoming Retailers are excited to add InnerScope's Direct-to-Consumer Self-Fitting Hearing Aids and other related Hearing Products to their customers. InnerScope expects its initial sizeable inventory of the NEW Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids within the next few weeks and will instantly start selling the products. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), disabling hearing loss is projected to affect 630 million people worldwide by 2030, with less than 15% currently using hearing assistance. Therefore, InnerScope is prepared to help thousands if not millions of people around the world in a burgeoning hearing-impaired market."

About InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC Pink: INND):

InnerScope Hearing Technologies as a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of FDA-Registered Direct-to-Consumer Self-Fitting-Self-Adjusting Hearing Aids, Self-Fitting-Self-Adjusting Personal Sound Amplifiers Products, Doctor-Formulated Dietary Hearing & Tinnitus Supplements, and Assorted Ear & Hearing Health-Related Products (collectively "Hearing Products") its mission is to improve the quality of life of the 70 million people in North America who suffer from hearing impairment and hearing-related issues. The management team of InnerScope is applying decades of industry experience and believes it's well-positioned to directly benefit from the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act (expected to be enacted in Spring/Summer 2021) with its Affordable Self-Fitting - Self-Adjusting Hearing Technology combined with an innovative point of sale Hearing Screening Kiosks which is designed for consumers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to have access to purchase Over The Counter hearing aids without being seen by a hearing care professional. For more information, please visit for more info.

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