Coin Creatour Unveils Unifying Asset Management Platform for Mobile

Cutting-edge system streamlines payments between fiat and crypto currencies, and includes first intellectual property ownership exchange built using blockchain technology

August 14, 2020 3:34 PM EDT | Source: Coin Creatour

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - August 14, 2020) - Coin Creatour, a financial technology program developer, today unveiled an integrated system for seamlessly and securely managing both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as well as intellectual property through mobile. The system is powered by three distinct programs that operate collectively to efficiently manage users' monetary and intellectual assets. The programs offer users the ability to handle their assets through centralized and decentralized channels, which are both protected by blockchain technology.

"At Coin Creatour, we are advancing our company by building three unique business groups, each led by an industry veteran and with a clear path to success," said Bill Hong Ye, founder and chairman at Coin Creatour Inc. "Together, the three programs create a simple and secure platform for users to manage capital such as digital assets and ideas - properties that are highly sensitive, valuable and at risk for theft in today's environment, where cybersecurity threats grow increasingly common."

The three components of this platform are RewPay, QRFlash and IPex. All three programs were developed using Lightning Network and Raiden Network - two of the most notable cryptocurrency transactions technology providers.


RewPay is a personal financial services portal for mobile that allows users to conveniently manage payments, transactions and transfers of both digital assets and fiat currencies. These include fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transmissions, through secure exchange channels with qualified merchants and other users. RewPay also offers financial education tutorials and an instant messaging platform.


QRFlash allows users to make purchases listed in fiat currencies with their digital assets, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, through a virtual cryptocard program. It connects cryptocurrency holders with fiat-currency merchants seamlessly through the Lightning Network.

"The combination of RewPay and QRFlash offers users the ability to transfer money effortlessly across currency mediums - a step that can be intimidating for those with minimal experience with cryptocurrencies," says Arthur Huang, Project Manager at Coin Creatour Inc. "Making cryptocurrency transactions accessible for everyone is a key pillar of our mission to provide secure, simple and innovative financial management tools."


IPex is the first intellectual property (IP) exchange platform developed on blockchain technology in North America and serves as a secure channel for transferring IP ownership. The program currently focuses on IP ownership on assets in the technology sector, including artificial intelligence developments, but will include additional sectors in the future.

"The ability to protect and monetize intellectual property has never been more important than in today's hostile international markets, and with IPex, we are using blockchain technology to build out North America's first IP exchange," continued Mr. Huang. "Our new dependency on remote workplaces and workers creates the need for protected channels to share ideas and ownership of creative. Through IPex, organizations and individuals can be reassured their property is safeguarded."

RewPay is active and available through Apple's IOS App Store, with QRFlash slated to follow in the near future. IPex is in the final stages of beta testing and will be available to users in Q4 2020.

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