dotin Inc's Talent Analytics Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform Adopted by NetOne Group for New Product Line, Karatare

Net One Partners Co., Ltd. is white labeling dotin Inc.'s Human Resource talent analytics platform as a new product line - Karatare, designed to assist Japanese employers and recruiters in the acquisition and retention of talent

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 19, 2019) - ​​​​​Net One Partners, an advanced IT resource distributor, has announced its newest partnership: dotin Inc. Net One Partners Co. Ltd. works to improve their client's business by offering dynamic and proven solutions to best address the ever-changing ICT market and environment; they will be white labeling dotin's PerFit-HR Talent Analytics AI platform to further these efforts with their new product, Karatare.

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Karatare (derived from the Japanese words for color and talent management) will launch as a SaaS talent management platform that allows recruiters to identify employee characteristics, match these to the right department and occupation, and select talent best suited to company culture and tasks. Karatare offers a key differentiator from other personality and aptitude assessments - the platform operates without asking applicants/employees a single question.

The dotin technology powering Karatare presents talent with a series of images and color palettes, then couples applicants' subconscious selections with detailed, proven analysis. The result is actionable insights into a company's applicants and/or employees. And the applications of this platform carry over to every stage of an employee's life cycle.

First, the Karatare platform can be used to optimize recruiting efforts. Ganesh Iyer, dotin's CEO and founder explains, "Our AI-generated insights offer recruiters a deeper understanding of a candidate's key positive attributes so they're able to confidently hire based on the company's needs and culture. We're helping our clients invite the right talent on board; these vetted employees are more productive and stay longer."

Beyond making sure talent will fit into a company's culture, Karatare can be used to ensure employees are in the optimal department and are being given the right opportunities. "Misaligned talent can have serious ramifications. We're helping employers avoid the financial and cultural consequences of having a misaligned talent in a role or on a team. And, as we're giving our clients the opportunity to build synergistic teams in real-time, without asking talent any questions. These methods are backed by solid science and a number of validation studies," Yota Kishigami, General Manager for the Karate product line expands. "The data we're putting at companies' fingertips is invaluable, it can be applied in so many ways, and really works in the favor of candidates, employees and the enterprise. Karatare is a win-win. That type of alignment can be rare and can have huge impact to both top and bottom line for any business."

About dotin Inc.

dotin's cognitive insight Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, PerFit-HR, helps business clients source, screen and engage the right employee/talent for their workplace, without asking a single question. This Silicon Valley startup's AI platform is able to capture the digital personality of potential candidates. Clients have noted up to a 60 percent increase in hiring efficiency using dotin's platform or double-digit improvements in talent productivity and retention. or details, please visit the website here:

About Net One Partners Co., Ltd.

Net One Partners Co., Ltd. is a group company of Net One Systems Co., Ltd., established in November 2008. Collaborating with partner companies Net One Partners is specializing in business, including all product groups (including services) that Net One Systems can sell, and Net One Partners original solutions and products, including sales support / installation, maintenance and operation services. Net One Partners will sell it together with added value for partner companies. For details, please visit the website here:

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Karatare Product Line

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