Ethiopian Government Focuses on Private Sector as "Engine" for Growth

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - March 27, 2013) - Sinknesh Ejigu, Minister of Mines for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in an interview with Tracy Weslosky, Publisher of ProEdgeWire ( discusses attracting investment capital into Ethiopia to enhance growth through teamwork, research and a clear economic policy.

Minister Sinknesh Ejigu starts: "The vision is to take our people out of poverty." Explaining that government is not only regulatory, but supportive in function; the government is utilizing the private sector as an "engine" for development. Discussing the capitalization of the sizable natural resources, she describes the existing 135 mineral and 7 oil and gas companies presently in various stages of development. In conversation on the port development with Djibouti, she uses this example of their commitment towards economic growth and sustainability.

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